Ode to monster truck rally commercials


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They might surprise you. My first wife and I attended one back in 1995 or so (at her request), and we both had a hell of a good time. Nice to see that Gravedigger still can’t help flipping over.




Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Ten bucks buys you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!!


Daredevil Danny Dean will defy DEATH with his dizzying demonstration of DESTRUCTION!!!

Watch as trucks crush cars like bugs!


Genosian Separatist Hot Pod Summer Championship!

Force MAD! Somebody’s gonna get f****d UP!


Thank you for reenforcing my point.


Oh man. Here in Texas the best monster truck commercials were in Spanish. Univision still has the best broadcast signal around

Cinco camiones cuatro pesos. Sábado gigante y Domingo Domingo Domingo


All you really need is:

I went to a truck rally once. It was pretty boring; they did a lot of “tractor pulls”, and the sideshow was a stuntwoman submitting to some form of explosion in a rather unspectacular fashion. I would have preferred to see one of those “Truckasaurus” car-munching robots instead, but those probably aren’t as interesting as the commercials portray them either.


I would go to them when i was a kid with my dad they were great fun.


I recall a Simpsons epsiode had a fake Monster Truck commercial, with the tagline:

"Be There! Unless You are Dead or in Jail!



The ones with the echo/repeat are the best. I have been mildly curious about going to one in the past but never enough to actually go.


I made this mashup of pharmaceutical and monster truck commercials.


Holy crap, it just occurred to me that no one has yet produced a viral video editing Mad Max: Fury Road into a monster truck rally commercial. I even searched YouTube and came back with zilch.

The internet must be broken or something.


Get busy, sluggard.


None of this yet in here?


I’m tempted, but I’m really more of a Photoshop guy. And someone’s bound to notice if I don’t show up for work sooner or later.


To boost rating, PBS will be using this style of advertising for the next season of Downton Abbey.


Are the spikes so they can stick the landing?


Just noticed that after the roll, the spikes are all gone.

It’s time to attach hydrolic jacks to the roof that spring the truck into the air when it flips.