Of course Mel Gibson would dramatically salute Donald Trump

Boom. Asked and answered.


“Gibson is a passionate member of the Catholic Traditionalist movement, a minority Catholic sect that rejects the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in 1964-65”


It could be worse. At least he’s not giving a Hitler salute.


That is the only aspect of this which is surprising.


If he – yet again – blames alcohol for his behavior, then all I can say is, in vino veritas.


And of course he goes to UFC events


Is that EmptyG to his right (your left)?


Thanks for that - I was about to ask if Gibson had ever served in the US armed forces and was expected to perform a military salute.

Besides, I think El Gropelini prefers the Roman Salute.


Australia was a participant in the Vietnam War. Mel Gibson was too young to be drafted at the time (b 1956). He was 17 by the time US and Australian forces left the country

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Doesn’t change the intent to avoid the draft.


Australia had a draft too. Gibson’s older brother was rejected for it.

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I couldn’t ID Lethal Weapon, whom I’ve seen a heck of a lot more so I have no idea.


Maybe, but he did fight at Gallipoli. /s


He’s always been a runner.


This is why Mel Gibson annoys me so much. He has been in so many good films and directed at least 2 that I liked (As a director, the guy really knows how to use gore!).

Yet he is such a flaming asshole IRL.


Of course Mel Gibson would dramatically salute Donald Trump

I would too.



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Is he? Is he though? All he does are action movies, so I suppose he is a skilled “action movie actor,” but that’s his range.

Having said that, we ask too much of our actors. Their job is to pretend to be (at times) wise/intelligent/transformative people, not to be those people. The disappointment we feel at seeing Gibson constantly revealing his shallowness and ignorance is on us.

Albeit, people like Gibson fall into that special category of being the polar opposite of the characters they portray. How can you watch a movie of his, knowing what a shithead he is? Luckily, he hasn’t made anything artistically that I can’t do without.

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Too many people do expect slebs to act the way their characters do in films/on tv/maintain their stage act/be “on” 100% of the time when they meet them IRL, and that is so very wrong.

Too many have the idea that slebs somehow belong to them, “owe” them something, and/or make absurd demands of them when they meet IRL. Idiots constantly demanded Paul Newman remove his shades so they could see those sexy eyes of his, ferinstance.

There is a sort of etiquette involved (which as mentioned is not always adhered to) when meeting slebs. Don’t expect them to be “on.” Don’t make demands. Don’t scream and yell. Don’t be a jerk.

Back in the 90s, Keanu Reeves came into the bookstore where I worked. It was my day off, or it never would have gone the way it did. He came up to the counter and asked after a book, but wound up disappearing before they could get it for him. Other customers had begun hassling him, so he took off. I was really mad at my boss & coworkers for not properly handling the situation. I told them I would have asked him whether he’d like to wait in the back room so no one would bug him. Had he actually wanted to browse, I’d have asked our boss to stay w/him and run interference should another customer start acting like an idiot. Say something like, “Please don’t - he’s trying to shop, just like you.” I would have also asked if I could send someone to the coffee shop next door to pick up something for him. I’d have asked whether he’d prefer leaving out the back, where there were never any people around. The building was so convoluted that even the thousands who worked in it got lost, so I’d ask whether he’d like a security guard or two to guide him and run interference. It is possible to do all that for someone w/o kissing ass nor fainting from "OMG! It’s KEANU!" ¹ You’re both humans; one’s just in a very different situation to your own. Be an adult, or at least try pretending you’re one.

It’s important to remember that everyone has bad days, catches colds, sleeps the wrong way & wakes up w/a sore neck, experiences loss and heartbreak, etc. All that shit certainly affects the way we interact w/others. It’s important to remember that when dealing with anybody. Be kind.

It is not wrong to expect slebs (and regular people) to be human beings instead of raging fucking assholes, though.

¹You just scream and faint after he’s well away and out of earshot.


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