Office furniture company: If you keep working from home you'll turn into a claw-handed hunchbacked cave dweller

Those companies must be living in hell to think the office environment is better than home office.
Well, the CEOs are on their yachts so their companies office/fiefdom environment is the least of their concern. Gotta deliver that record breaking quarter with the back-breaking shitty office chair.


Admittedly, I went and bought an office chair for my workstation, mainly because what I was using previously (an IKEA strandmon wing chair) was NOT good for my back and arms. It’s not a $1200+ Aeron, but it’s also not a $12 folding chair, either. (I think I dropped ~400-500 on a HON Sadie last year, and the difference has been noticeable.

What is it with office furniture companies being jerks, anyway?


I, for one… stay at home overlords and whatnot.


When my parents bought the Daily Heil when I was a child, they actually published an article claiming that humans would become Eloi and Morlocks. I don’t know if the scientist they interviewed genuinely believed this, or saw it was the Daily Mail coming and got out their HG Wells anthology.


I don’t quite get it - these would all be true of office workers, too (unless you accept that offices will have ergonomically good furniture, which…). On top of that, using their “logic,” the office worker would be exhausted and dressed in rags, thanks to the time and money spent on the commute to the office, and sick from all their disease-carrying coworkers…

This is some accidental “overthrow capitalism” propaganda right here.

Gosh, didn’t you know that office buildings are well known for their good lighting, fresh air, lack of sick co-workers and stress-free environments… (not to mention the lack of computer screens and mice).


ha ha that is PERFECT


One of the first things I did after starting to work from home full-time during the pandemic was to bring my office chair (which is very nice, a leftover from when the company had venture capital and they didn’t know what to do with all the money, so eventually they shelled out for good chairs for the programmers) home.

My office at home is now much nicer than my actual office, and not only because – with its windows facing north-east under deep eaves – it stays reasonably cool in summer even without air conditioning, where at the actual office there’s a choice between dissolving from the heat without AC and freezing to death when the AC is on. Who wants to work at the office? I sure don’t. I’m trying to keep it to a minimum these days.


Office furniture sellers can fuck right off. Every last ‘ergonomic’ chair I’ve sat in at work for the last decade has exacerbated my bad back. To the point where, if I HAD to go in, they have to give me an adjustable desk so I can stand up, and the fanciest chair available -which is still shit.

(What I actually need, cos I can happily slob around in it alllllll day without it fucking me up, is a good, old-school 90s office chair. You know, with the short back, lots of foam padding, upholstered in that awful blue Hessian? They just work for me. The mesh-backed monstrosities with all the weird settings that replaced them? Basically torture devices)


Aiiiee! One place I worked, the ceiling panels were loaded with dust, fungus and junk, and that’s where they ran the network cables. Every time they’d disturb the panels, my sinuses would be painful for a couple weeks.


I received my (so far) only workers comp-related “independent medical exam” courtesy of a workplace that…neglected…to inform the facilities guys who popped open the drop ceiling to install projector mounts on the steel beams above that ‘not messing with the drop ceiling or the asbestos spray insulation on the beams’ was a condition of that building being legal to occupy.

Understandably the facilities people who were sent in ignorant and wholly un-PPEed to rummage around in the asbestos were even less happy than everyone else; but it was not a shining moment in general; and everyone was real quiet about how, exactly, the ‘don’t mess with it, really’ requirement that had been written up in the course of some past asbestos inspection/abatement plan process had fallen out of general knowledge despite remaining on record and in legal force.


Among the many other problems people have pointed out, this campaign is ableist and gross. You don’t create a model of a human body - any human body - and then point at it and say “how disgusting! Who would ever want to live in that piece of shit?!” Because there are actual people who do live in bodies like that, likely have little agency over that fact, and a don’t benefit from being pilloried and dehumanized.


I’m surprised they didn’t reinforce that The Drive Home™ (in a car, of course, not nasty public transportation) is the additional step needed to transform your office-working body into a model-fit one. ONLY the combo of in-office furniture and a drive home will save you!

  • Brought to you by Furniture Stores, the fossil fuel industry, and suburbia hell.

… “turn into” :thinking:


Intelligent UK wags have reason to call it the daily heil.


The camel toe is a nice touch…


Or sit in traffic.
When I travel for work, it’s generally someplace where I have to fly. However, sometimes I have to drive like I did earlier this week up to OC.
Fucking hell. Granted, I would never commute that long in real life and never have, but it still mad me crazy up and back on 5. I’ve been working from home permanently since 2015. There is no way I would take another job where I had to commute every day again.


Half the companies I’ve worked for have shitty chairs and I have a very nice one at home, so this is ridiculous.

On the other hand, I know lots of folks using Kitchen table chairs or stools to do all their work from and it blows my mind.

Ninja edit: to preempt comments: I’m talking about people with enough money to afford a better setup, not folks without the means who are making do.


Only valid with lab coat and pipe.


At least at home, you’re not held prisoner by the office’s air exchanger, and can open your own windows, and maybe take the time you’d be commuting to maybe go for a walk, or meditate, or do some art to alleviate anxiety.