Official White House transcript of President's remarks on mass shooting in [TodayGunMassacreCity]

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To be fair, he only had 48 hours notice, and also is a narcissistic sociopath. You gotta give an ego like that at least six months to come to terms with trusting some flunky with trying to make him sound like a human who cares about anyfuckingone.


He doesn’t care. The events might as well be another day’s weather report for him.

When it comes to WW3 lets hope he cares enough to remember the name of the country that we are living in.


Not a Gettysburg Address, that.


It’s rather gross to hear this creature of Mammon and Moloch invoke the name of God he doesn’t believe in and stands in opposition to, over people whose deaths he doesn’t care about, in places he can’t be bothered to remember.


So just prayers this time, because he can’t be bothered to make the effort for thoughts.

"Thank you very much. Thank you."
Does that mark where he pauses for wild applause from his fans?


he had time for 18 holes, and to drop by a MAGA wedding at his club, but he didn’t have two minutes to proofread a goddam statement. nobody affected by those shootings needs or wants his condolences.


You gotta understand his thought process. You see:

Caring about anyone else is boring and feels counterproductive. What I really want is someone to tell me how great I am.


ahhh. now i get it. thx for that.


At least he didn’t end it with “END              10:18 A.M. EDT”.


It was an easy mistake to make,y’know Toledo, that sounds Hispanic, there’s one in Spain so y’know, its not like he has a whole team preparing from him or anything is it?


God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, goddit right? Just say God lots like it’s got nothing to do with my actual politics rather than saying God a lot.

God, God, God, God.

How many “gods” can you say?


This is the revealing behind-the-scenes shot. He saw a line with several T’s and O’s in it and took his best shot. Even with that extremely large-type teleprompter. I believe our president is not a well man.


He needs a script and teleprompter for that?


It would be fascinating if he was forced to sit down with a reading specialist who could tell us whether he just reads at a lower elementary level, or if there’s an actual reading disability and/or cognitive impairment at work as well.

I mean, is there anyone (supporters included) who actually thinks that if you handed him, say, a copy of last year’s Frederick Douglas biography and picked a page at random, he’d be able to read it aloud?


( ^ much higher audio quality ^ )

This version (below) is recorded “at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Austin, 9/24/10” and I include it here because I like the idea than an Austin church was ok with this song–ok ok the Austin Lounge Lizards band itself, well-known for their satire and wit–in a church.

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Currently in an office with some religious people so I’ll “like” it now and listen later!

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Y’know what’d really be a great addition to that big ass monitor over there is one of them karoake-style bouncing ball thingies.

Maybe it’d help the guy just a bit, because it’s clear he’s got problems with reading. People have been noticing this for a while now and it’s probably gotten worse.

I’m right there with you.

IMO it’s already obvious how his enablers and staffers try to minimize his scripted “public” time. 45 gets lots of golfing time and ridiculous amount of “presidential downtime”.

45’s pit crew goes farther to manage his public image by this kind of puppetry:

… “President’s” remarks …

I call bullshit.


I dont understand the question?..only way to force him to say “racismhatebigotrybadbadsomethingsomething”…

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Yeah that discretion is probably a good idea–unless you have headphones!

On the upside, it does make equal fun of all religions featuring a god or gods.

On second thought, if you tend to laugh out loud at satire, maybe save it for after work or someone is sure to drift by your desk and ask why you are laughing.