Officials brought tick to press conference to warn about tick-borne diseases, but it escaped


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Point: Made.


It’s the kind of demonstration that really latches on and sticks with you.




This is like the cold opening of a zombie plague movie.


I’ve been expecting the US Congress to wipe itself out with debating props.


They just need to lie down on the floor. The tick will find them.


This is why we bring the potentially infections thing in a vial. I’d be ok that it be dead as well. What did we learn?


If this happened to me, I’d be a mite peeved.


next week, land mine awareness presser


Guess that ‘Ticked’ off a few people.


Are they sure it was a tick, because…

donald trump fly



I can’t imagine that they brought an infected tick, but it’s still got to be embarrassing as all hell.


There was a story I heard that the same thing happened at my high school, only what they brought was a bag of pot to teach us of the dangers of reefer. Some of it escaped.


I’m sure glad that happened in Japan so it can’t get me.


That reminds me of high school and how much we salivated over the infamous drug box. If you grew up in Broward County, Florida, in the nineties you know exactly what I mean


What a lousy presentation!