Ohio K9 police man, and dog, allowed to retire together

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for once a heartwarming story about the police, they are too rare nowadays. thanks!


Raising the money in the first place makes sense, but since the ‘first place’ several compromises and changes were made to facilitate his purchase of the dog for one dollar.

No matter how well intentioned, I really think the money raised should be returned, and a donation to the vest fund asked about, rather than assumed. A quick look says that the money ($3,500) was for the purchase of the dog outright, then MORE for an auction to the highest bidder, and now that money which is no longer for the purchase of the dog since public awareness changed the circumstances, is now for… vests!

But who am I to tell Officer Hickey how to behave? Or GFM how to manage their fund drives when the specific goals, change?

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Sorry, this is a total sidebar triggered by the headline and has nothing to do with these two fine officers: In Myanmar, the phrase “allowed to retire” is a euphemism in gov’t controlled media for officials who have been ousted as other generals jockey for control. As a payoff they typically receive land stolen by the military from peasant farmers.


It’s a nice story, but it’s difficult to read about without thinking that it shouldn’t have had to happen. It’s like reading about emotional homecomings for veterans who never should have been sent to war in the first place. You’re happy for them, but you’d like to prevent it being necessary for this to happen in the future.

I’d like to see canine units only used for search and rescue. Using dogs as a means of apprehension is inhumane and using them as an unreliable means of drug detection (or reliable for drug detection if the cops want to “detect” something) is just unethical.


it is sort of heartwarming, but on the other hand it’s also two servants of a corrupt organization get to live out their golden years together. I can’t help but feel given their occupations - K9 unit, and location Ohio, that if we could see a lot of this guys history our hearts might not be warmed quite so much. maybe I’m just cynical.


on the other hand. Marietta Ohio appears to have decided to no longer have a K-9 unit… in order to cause the dog to be property to be disposed of… but that meant it had to be auctioned, so the state then found a way to sell it to him for a dollar (the ethically correct outcome) to facilitate this.

Man, wouldn’t it be nice to see the police jump to change policy when a human dies as a result of indifference, as opposed to when a cop would miss his buddy?


70,000 for one dog? I love dogs and everything but sometimes getting too attached is not for the best… i think we all know why. What kind of message does this send to a kid whose dog is sick for example, and whose family can’t cough up the 20-30k for serious veterinary attention? And $70,000 of attachment to one (admittedly awesome) animal might’ve been better purposed toward helping [fill_in_cause_here]

It’s gotta be tiresome always assuming the worst of people.

yeah that’s why I try to limit myself to assuming the worst about American cops with long careers interacting with the public, especially if it’s in a drug war type category

Yeah well - that’s life. Dogs, kids, etc, some of them have it better than others. What kind of message does it send? I doesn’t really send a message. Life isn’t fair? People banded together to help one person, but they probably can’t or wont for all people.

Sooo - don’t worry about. Celebrate the triumphs and try to learn something from the tragedy.

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Ah, the ol’ zero-sum economics BS. The world is not poor, and helping one person does not impoverish another. Countries are going bankrupt because plutocrats enforce artificial scarcities so their own wealth generates for them disproportionate power over everyone else. The industrial revolution pretty much worked. Humanity got rich. And since it’s likely going to cost us the well-being of our natural habitat, we damn well ought to see some return on it, not hand it over to robber barons and their crony politicians.


[quote=“GulliverFoyle, post:14, topic:73340, full:true”]
Ah, the ol’ zero-sum economics BS. [/quote]
Didn’t you know? When money is spent on something, that money is actually destroyed and never does anything again. You can look it up!


It’s sad that some dogs actually need bullet proof vests.

Very sad. Here’s an incident from a few weeks ago:

No, it’s a fair assumption–wasted taxpayer money and perpetuation of the police state doing bogus car sniffs.

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