Ohio will be eliminated


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And Indiana is sitting there realizing they’re in the way if Illinois decides to go the land route. Better hope Chicago prefers naval power and air strikes, Hoosiers.


Ah, the consequences of Steve Bannon getting the CTA and the KKK mixed up in his email, again.


Careful man!


They’ll probably take lesson from the invasion of France and invade through neutral Michigan


Please save Columbus, precisely this market http://www.northmarket.com/

The rest can go into the Scioto river.


When it comes to Ohio, Michigan is more hostile than neutral. Especially on two particular Saturdays in the Fall.

…Thinking about it a bit, either of those Saturdays could be the best days to affect an invasion…


Looks like there might be a free-for-all “War Among the States”.

After losing the NBA Finals, this really adds insult to injury.



It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.


Can we at least save a few Graeters and Jeni’s ice cream parlors? (besides the one at North Market).

Speaking of which, have you seen the bonkers development that the city’s approved for North Market, replacing the parking lot with a 35-story tower?


If Chicago’s navy is any indicator, they’ll be assailed by empty wine bottles and… I actually don’t know what else. I know Navy Pier has a dinner cruise boat with a fake helicopter on its helipad.

And frankly, the fisherman at Montrose in the spring are packing more firepower than anyone with a boat.


I mean, I know that the state caused some consternation in the last elections, but isn’t that a little extreme?



I’m ready to secede and join Chicago. It is time for a Cuy-exit.


My first thought was of /r/Ohio, and as you might imagine it is already wearing a bit thin there.


“In every country, they make fun of city. In U.S. you make fun of Cleveland. In Russia, we make fun of Cleveland.” --Yakov Smirnoff


It’s those damn liberals. They’re trying to make room on the flag for Puerto Rico.


Ha! That’s pretty funny. Actually, Cleveland has developed into a pretty nice place in recent years.


Try to keep an open mind about it. It’s not all bad.