Oklahoma cops yell orders at deaf man, then kill him

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I would be interested if anyone has studied what the relationship between combat experience vs police who have killed the the line of duty.

We have a lot of young men and women who are combat veterans these days who may go into police work. We also have over 10 years of creating combat veterans due to our foreign policy who have risen to roles of leadership in our police forces.

I would propose that we are seeing more killings by police in otherwise de-escalatable situations due to the marked difference between being a rifleman in Iraq or Afghanistan and that of a cop on the beat. Something that says of the x number of fatal interactions with the police y% of the officers involved were combat veterans.


The common response I see in regard to situations like this from combat veterans is that the rules of engagement in the military are much more strict than the police protocol for use of deadly force. They usually say that combat veterans are more level headed in stressful situations than non-veteran cops, with the implication that non-veteran cops are poorly or improperly trained and are often people who couldn’t make it in the military but wanted to be authority-wielding cowboys with guns.


Just 10?

By my count, we haven’t had a major conflict in these years since 1990:


I am sure some people will argue with me on even these years, but that’s 7 years out of the last 37.


You guys over there must know by now that what you have is an out of control armed gang don’t you?


But where’s the linked article about policing being one of the safest public service jobs? The link goes to a 404. I need to read that and send it to every one of my “blue lives matter” acquaintances.

Are they trying to force us all into the arms of Anarchy?


Noooo… this happens so much. My mother used to have a crushing fear. One day an officer pulled my grandfather over (for reference a good portion of my family when they were living were Deaf - capital D - and most of the rest of that family worked in disability services or as interpreters myself excluded). My mother, a child then, was so frightened she screamed “Don’t kill my dad! He’s Deaf! He’s just deaf! Please!” The officer was surprised.

This is why. Over the years I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen it go down, the other thing is not having an interpreter and getting deaf people to admit to crimes they didn’t commit under circumstances they don’t understand because no one can tell them or cares to. It’s amazing… and sad.

Probably the worst thing you can be in any situation involving the Police would be black and deaf in the US.


Good question. If you examine the link itself, it looks like a placeholder. I tried a BB search on those terms and there were no decent results. However, the Washington Post has this:

Interesting, but a few years old. With the recently continued trend towards militarization (and even encouraged brutality) it’s hard to say whether policing will remain on this track.


It was that link, as it happens, but I think I like this one even better:


It’s OK. He wasn’t a real American.

Sanchez is just as bad as Gonzalo.

Those of us who are not in willful denial or not actively benefiting from the status quo (or both) do.


I saw this the other day. WTF? If this cop doesn’t get time then what does it take? If I did that claiming self defense I’d get a murder charge.


Clearly the man is at fault for not being able to read frothing at the mouth.

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I think that’s the answer damn near everyone is looking for:

What’s it gonna take before we finally see a cop get fairly punished for his misdeeds/crimes?

Who else has to die before it’s finally not just ‘business as usual’ anymore?


The judicial system is set up to assume a cop’s innocence in the face of all evidence, while prosecutors are very eager to look “tough on crime”.

If a prosecutor ran on a platform of police accountability and had a record of actually charging cops with literally anything, then I’d vote for them.


I just got done having an exchange with a police apologist who was nearly creaming himself because a cop didn’t kill someone while he was in the process of using excessive force on a citizen who was not an actual threat.

I don’t know what it’s gonna take, but something’s gotta give; this shit is not sustainable.


The question is not new; these days, it’s virtually a rote cliché. Again and again and again, the cry rings out, “why is there no justice?”.

As if you didn’t already know.


Well I disagree with your first poster. Racism and fascism can exist from any economic/political system.

I agree with the 2nd one wholeheartedly.


Fascism is specifically capitalist in its origins, design, and methods. It’s not just a bogeyman that means “thing bad”. Try again.