Police officer ignorantly and aggressively detained autistic boy who was just stimming


Exactly. It could have, but it did not, because THIS cop was NOT like all of those other assholes who should be, at a minimum, out of their jobs and preferably in jail. Certainly, there’s no telling where this situation could have led if the woman who knew Connor had not been there (and I’m not all that optimistic about that), but I’m not going to go crucifying this officer for what could have happened, I’m going to give him credit for reacting to what actually did.

Oklahoma cops yell orders at deaf man, then kill him

That you know of, anyway.

One instance where a cop didn’t go as far as he could have is no indication that he’s somehow not part of the same culture of excessive force and abuse of power with no consequences.

That folks like you seem to think it is only demonstrates just low the damn bar has really been set.


Lastly, your comment about people ‘bitching nonstop’ was the cavalier marginalization of a detrimental problem that threatens the existence of the so-called “civilized” society we inhabit.

Sorry, but I’m done with the trite ‘whataboutism’ and lame justifications for today; it’s not ‘just a few bad apples,’ the whole damn barrel has rotted down to a maggot-infested ichor - the system itself is broken, and I have no time for anyone who willfully refuses to see that.


And I have no more time for anyone who wants to persecute people for what others have done, or for what evil they could have done but didn’t.


No more time for persecuting COPS for what other COPS have done, or for what evil THE COPS could have done but didn’t. THAT WOULD BE WRONG.

But persecuting a weird teenager for what other weird teenagers have done, or for what evil the weird teenager could have done but didn’t?

That’s the exact thing you’re here to defend. It’s just victim blaming and licking the boot.


I couldn’t have said it better myself; thanks.

Kow-towing didn’t save the kapos then, and it won’t save enablers and apologists now.


Here ya go. They all start from the same place.

The officers forget they’re still civilians. They are.



Yes, that is a horrific situation, and that is why that I am glad that this cop is better than those cops and finished in a different place.


Both sides, huh?


Neither side. Fanatics are dangerous no matter which side they’re on.


Did you just call the people you are disagreeing with here fanatics?



For seeing a kid acting weird and physically assaulting said kid?

No, you don’t get points as a cop for “See, I didn’t kill this person for being weird” as opposed to all those other people the cops have killed for being “weird”, like those people who were weird because they were deaf, or weird because they weren’t white, or weird because they had a developmental disability, or because they were australian(?) or …




Well, that’s like, your opinion, man.


And he even wrote some fanfic to go along with it!


I mean, if they didn’t wear a ‘uniform’ and insist on being treated interchangeably - I sure wouldn’t lump individuals into a group to judge…

But they’re lumping themselves together, so it’s their choice not mine. They don’t act as individuals so they choose to be judged not as individuals.

They drew the thin blue line. Not me.


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the most dangerous of them all?


People who will mete out punishment for wrongs that were never committed, or were committed by someone else.


in this thread, that’s you