Undercover cop tricks autistic teen into buying pot


Aren’t there laws against entrapment?


You can’t let stuff like that get in the way of keeping our kids off drugs! Plus, everybody knows its the autistic SPED cases who have the hustle and the contacts to move most of the drugs in a given school. They are, like, the pipeline, man.


Fist thought was ‘again’, and then I read the story and asked ‘again’? Only this time instead of a girl begging and pleading it’s a guy taking advantage of a guy that really can’t handle social cues and had no friends.

Can’t the texts prove that he wouldn’t have done this if his ‘friend’ had been the instigator? I’ve got a sister with mental problems. I had a… unique sort of development. So this? This is monstrous to me.


“Zero Tolerance Policy” = “Zero Thinking Policy”



Edit: Zero tolerance as an approach against drugs, was originally designed as a part of the War on Drugs under Ronald Reagan


I can’t even…

assholes, the whole lot.


I can’t help but think ‘Deputy Dan’ is about to have his whole life hacked for going after a kid with mental issues.


The worst part is all charges were dropped, and the school is still denying him attendance because of “no tolerance” reasons. Despite a court ruling.


Just another successful “victory” in the never-ending battle on the war on drugs.


“No Tolerance” is “No Common Sense”. It has been a bad idea from the start, and I’m glad that people are finally starting to realize that.


Twenty-two students were arrested - the majority of them are reported to be special needs students like the Snodgrass’ son.

That’s a hell of a way to try to drive a school’s scores up. Can’t be an attempt to drive costs down, since the school’s still fighting even though he’ll have graduated before the court case is over.


21 of the 22 apparently didn’t fight the charges however. They probably saved a good chunk of change on the special needs program, the lawsuit is probably more expensive in the long run however.

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Reason Magazine? This story is back from 2012. The family even put up a petition in December 2012. It was covered again by Reddit in February. Here is the family’s online petition from December when it all went down:

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This is why government schools are bad. Home Schooling by his parents could have avoided this and the permanent damage this school did to their son. Another data point to opt out of public(government) school.

Actually, this is why some government schools are bad.

There are plenty of government schools which wouldn’t approve of this nonsense.

And homeschooling isn’t for everyone. All parents should have a dependable, satisfying resource for their kids’ education.

I say this as a parent who’s been homeschooling for over ten years, and who is highly critical of the public schooling paradigm. We need public schools. But we have to make it easier to get rid of board members and administrators who would sign off on and defend programs like this.


I didn’t know about it until I saw this video, so I’m glad Reason made it and Mark shared it.


And probably at least a few private schools which would.


I come to BoingBoing for interesting news, but something that’s been covered by MSN, ABC, Reddit, etc. and hasn’t really moved forward seems just strange to me. Honestly,I agree that the war on drugs continues to be a ginormous waste of resources when there is real crime elsewhere.

Of course, I forgot what was news yesterday, so pretty much every day is a new news day for me.

Cheers on Hump Day!

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Indiegogo Campaign: The Snodgrass Legal Fund

END UNDERCOVER DRUG STINGS IN SCHOOLS. Support the lawsuit of an autistic student who was entrapped and arrested by an undercover officer.