Oklahoma public school allows Navajo student to wear moccasins at graduation


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I’m pretty sure that I wore jeans an tennie shoes for my graduation…


I dunno about this. First it’s traditional moccasins and next thing you know it’s human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria.


Dang, those are some aggressive moccasins!

Actually, I don’t know what it means for footwear to “hit at the calf of one’s leg.” Is that a typo?



Oh, and after RTFA, I love the irony at play here of their mascot and team being Native American themed and yet they tried to deny an actual Native American from injecting legitimate traditional flair into her graduation ensemble.


I would assume it means people should only wear dress shoes, heels, or flats instead of anything boot-like.


Ya, that’s what I just came back to cite…
Also, the dress code allows sneakers – I figured that they had some sort of fancy footwear clause that would exclude moccasins.


Yes. As usual with sportsball mascot racism, only fake Indians are “honored” and “respected.”


Hmm, maybe, but this photo from the article seems to show the moccasins as non-bootlike…If these are the actual moccassins, I still don’t see how they “hit at one’s calf.”


Nobody checked our garments; I wore Dolfin shorts and tank with sandals.


Achilles tendon, calf–same thing. :wink:


being oklahoma, i find it hard to believe they hadn’t settled this long ago.


I’m pretty sure at least a few people at my college commencement ceremony weren’t even wearing pants underneath those robes.


It is Oklahoma. Boots are appropriate with formal wear there. Except at this particular school, although tennis shoes are allowed. This seems to be a case of coming up with a policy without really thinking about it, then enforcing it with an iron fist. I hope this teaches the school administration some humility.


You say that like it’s a bad thing!


At my graduation I seem to remember the only requirement being that we wear something under our robes.


I’m a little worried here. Is Oklahoma in danger of being…sorta…thoughtfully…progressive???

Is it all that fracking?


An outdoor ceremony in Southern California during an unseasonably warm June? It was amazing anyone was able to endure the thing without stripping down to their mortarboards.


Slippery slope I say… Allow those moccasins and next thing ya know, somebody will be wearing ass-less chaps!