Oklahoma sheriff taped talking about murdering a journalist and lynching Black people says that recording him was a crime

You have a way better opinion of the legal system than I do.


I probably don’t. After I took Criminal Procedure last year, I was about ready to call for revolution. In this case, it’s not the legal system I have faith in. It’s the selfishness of elected prosecutors. It’s pretty clear where public sentiment has landed on this story, and it’s not on the side of the sheriff, even in rural Oklahoma. So what I have faith in is that the prosecutor isn’t going to do something that would kill their career.


He pissed off people in power. Self-interest may not be an overriding concern.


He pissed off people who are in power in a podunk corner of rural Oklahoma. And as a result, those people are now under investigation by people with more power. No way a local prosecutor is going to try come to their rescue. It’s going to be CYA from here on out.


“It wasn’t a public meeting, it was an illegal private meeting, so he broke the law by recording it!”



“One has to wonder just how many sheriffs there are like this across the country,”

No wondering about it: A lot more than I could ever count.


Although I hesitate to say “all of them,” if only to retain some of my diminishing hope, I’ll say it would be far easier to enumerate the ones that aren’t.


As usual, the crime is calling out the crime. Fascists gonna fascist. Always and for ever…


Christ what an asshole.


A low rumple, a metallic squink, a galonk, someone crying out ‘DEAR GOD!’

…though it does, helpfully, form a letter “M”

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Living in OK in a state of continual incredulousness. (If you call this living.)
This is like some lost episode of Quantum Leap where Sam Bekett really screws up sometime in the 1930’s and now we’re having to deal with it.


I presume the answer is: “a fuck of a lot,” but it would be helpful to quantify it. Half? Most? Almost all? At least 10% are actual members of a far-right “constitutional sheriff” association and believe they’re the supreme arbiters of the law in the country. Even sheriffs here in California, elected in urban, very “blue” areas seem to often turn out to be closer to this than not, but that’s based on who I’m aware of, which is a function of them getting press, usually for being overt bastards.

Yeah, the counter examples may be… limited. There seems to be something about the position of sheriff that attracts criminal authoritarians, even when they’re not so explicitly racist.


Even if recording the sheriff is 100% a crime, that doesn’t make the sheriff’s murders not crimes.

I am not a lawyer, but I think murder is crime.


… so apparently now I have to read this whole Seinfeld transcript to understand that joke :confused:

Seinfeld Scripts - The Soul Mate

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You would think whistleblower laws would protect the reporter in this case.

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