Owner of half-built house says Arbery committed no crime checking it out, denounces killers

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And to be clear, even if he had stolen something, it does not justify his murder.


The video is just enough to give Arbery’s killers’ defenders the excuse that Arbery was “up to something,” so they can continue with their preconceived notion that he did something that makes his murder justified.


All they need to do is find a photo of Arbery in a hoodie. Then they can say he was “no angel” and walk away scot-free. Haven’t they read their Racist Murderer Handbook?


Even if he had raped and murdered somebody, armed vigilante yahoos do not get to go around gunning people down. We have a justice system that we’ve all agreed is a better way to handle this sort of thing so that someday someone doesn’t gun us down without recourse.




My wife and I had a home built in a new neighborhood about 20 years ago. We were one of the first houses in the second phase and we were the first people on our street to move in.

We and nearly every one of our neighbors would go into houses while they were being framed exactly like Arbery did.

It was fun to see what other people were doing. While our neighborhood required people to build houses of certain specific styles and had to approve the plans, the actual houses built varied fairly widely. Our builder gave us tickets to the Parade of Homes every year, which had a site in our neighborhood at least four years in a row, and we went to that as well.


I can’t put enough likes on this. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly. Exactly.


Grim how quickly this has become a fight over whether moderate, center-leaning normies think it was justifed.

Everything is one political exponentiation more awful than we assume it is, which is why … *sweeps arm over the last few years*.


I’m glad someone had the guts to stand up and say that looking at a construction site isn’t a valid reason to… uh… be hunted down and killed?

/tilts head in confusion


I know I’ve done this dozens of times throughout my life. As long as you don’t touch anything, there’s nobody there working, and you are assuming the risks of walking around a construction site nobody really cares - even if it is technically trespassing.



Thanks for the vocabulary boost!


Unclear who is threatening him. Suspect it is not the family of the murdered jogger, though.


Actually at least in Michigan, it’s not even that:

Prohibited activities:

  • Enter another person’s property after being forbidden to do so by the owner.
  • Remain on another person’s property after having been notified to depart by the owner.
  • Enter or remain on another’s fenced or posted farm property without the owner’s consent.

Ahmaud wasn’t guilty of any of that.


Exactly, and it would almost certainly be a misdemeanor.

And regardless of it being a crime or not it still wouldn’t in a million years justify some rando racists running him down and shooting him to death.

Talking about his activities at all feels like a deflection from the cold blooded murder that the local authorities were disinclined to prosecute.


You know, I can remember wandering around a house being built with out permission at least once in my life. Glad no one decided to play vigilante with me.


The trial will be ugly. Mr. Arbery was arrested in 2013 for trying to sneak a handgun into a High School basketball game, and was arrested again in 2018 for Shoplifting, which triggered a parole violation.

The father & son arrested absolutely deserve murder charges, but i"m afraid their attorney(s) are going to stink the trial up with the Fathers’ prior police history with Mr. Arbery to pull a Chewbacca Defense on the Jury.

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Actually, you’re probably right - this information WILL come to the Jury, but not as the Chewbacca defence:

It seems likely that the killers DID know about the previous events, and that it biased them to kill him in the first place.


CENTRIST NORMIE: If somebody was murdering me in the street, I would just kneel down and cry

CENTRIST NORMIE: This other guy allegedly tried to defend himself while he was being murdered

CENTRIST NORMIE: Clearly it must be legal to murder somebody if they fight back while you’re murdering them, or if they ever did anything else wrong in their entire life