Old Country Buffet training video

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I once ate at an Old Country Buffet.


I love these old training videos, though. Reminds me of the time I spent at McDonald’s, sitting in the manager’s office on my first day watching similar stuff. “Now let’s talk about the proper way to fill a drink order.”

No, let’s not.


The conversation starters for children made me think of Captain Over from “Airplane!”

  • Have you tried the soft-serve ice cream? it’s great!
  • Have you ever seen a gladiator movie?
  • Have you ever been to a Turkish bath?

Ha. I remember back when I was 15 and started bagging groceries and pulling carts in. We had to watch a video similar to this about:

  • Don’t hit the customers’ cars when bringing in carts. Only attempt to bring in 7 at a time so the line isn’t too heavy.
  • Don’t put bleach and meat in the same bag. Use plastic bags for meat.
  • If you help someone to their car with their cart and unload it into their trunk, do NOT take tips. (ha…making $4.15/hr and they want to tip me $1? Yeah, I’ll take it)
  • Always have your required dress code on. This was FL. In the summer. 100 degrees some days. The required dress code was black slacks, undershirt, polyester overshirt, and black shoes. And we were chastised if there were sweat marks after hauling in a lot full of carts.

Let’s not forget the “Loss” video about “Bob” (bottom of the bascart).

Make sure you check down there for items that could slip past, so we won’t have to cut the multi-million dollar bonuses of executives this year!

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The guy in the video is the one who posted it! He answers questions about it in the comments.


Are they owned by the same group who owns Furr’s? It’s weird how similar they are. My parents use to eat so much at Furr’s. The only half decent thing was the fried okra.

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There’s an audio glitch at 4.53. The voiceover says 'keep the waste basket in a spot that is…[audio glitch].

My hypothesis:

  1. It’s an audio glitch and now I will never know which spot to keep my waste basket
  2. It’s a secret subliminal satanic message

The YouTube comments are killing me:

“Is it still hot out there?”
“What do you mean, it’s November?”
“…do you like hot fudge sundaes?”

Every time the carver speaks, it’s like he’s in constant pain and has to hide it.

Why is this online? - Why is it recommended? - Why cannot I stop watching?

YouTube: you wanna see a training video for Old Country Buffet?
Me: I mean, yeah

ETA :rofl:

I used your lines as my wedding vows. Not a single dry eye in the crowd. Thanks brother.


Old Country Buffett: Training child predators since 1983!


I carved, for a caterer not a buffet restaurant.
I poked a guy with my ham fork once,
he didn’t bleed though.
I’d like a do over,
he was an asshole.



“At other buffet style restaurants, guests often feel they’re (pauses for dramatic effect) on their own.”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve found myself wandering a Sizzler, helpless and without a purpose, wondering if anyone truly cared in this dry, godforsaken, nickel-thick slice of a world.


“Not on your head”. You have to assume idiocy when making an idiotic training video.

Also, shouldn’t they be “carving associates”? Garnering them a respected title that is, however, never acknowledged wage wise?

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