Omarosa turned down $15k a month to stay silent about Trump


Exactly. “Guaranteed” 15k/month from Trump is worth about as much as the paper it’s written on.
She’s clearly an idiot, but not THAT much of an idiot. She’s seen what goes on from the inside. Selling some juicy tidbits will probably net a lot more than the salary for a middle manager…


Is sniffing hair a Trump thing?


How many people are being paid off that we don’t know about?


That’s a very good question. I’m sure the people in the Mueller investigation are asking it too, with the obvious follow-up: “Why are they being paid off?”


She should have taken the money. Looks like her book tour has her admitting to a felony.


Maybe Trump will pardon her?

  1. It’s a felony to record inside a SCIF.

Just like that? Which felony exactly, and does it require signing any kind of secrecy agreement which maybe she was never given because she had no fancy clearance and shouldn’t have been taken into the situation room in the first place?


More to the point; why was she taken into a SCIF, of all places, to be fired.
Slightly less relevant: yes, she broke the rules, but exactly what national security interests were compromised here? No harm, no foul.


And who’s handling the payoffs? Michael Cohen is presumably no longer processing Trump’s hush money payments, so someone else must be managing the accounts now.

If Omarosa had been smart, she’d have turned down the $15K and asked to be made that person. Because that’s obviously steady work. Not quite guaranteed income for life, but certainly a job that’s not going to go away anytime soon.


Maybe not.


I guess, but she knows these people well by this point, and she knows they don’t pay their bills.


The fact that she has audio recording of her firing makes her a better witness than most. But well done adding to the voices from the right who are working to discredit her completely during this election cycle. She may be total human garbage and someone I would not save from an oncoming bus but that has absolutely nothing to do with her recordings or her story about the Whitehouse and Trump. Until someone can present evidence that her claims (backed up by recordings) are false or misleading, you’ll have to forgive me if your attacks on her character don’t sway me in the least.


Imagine $15 K per month times the number of people fired from the White House. I hope that is separate from the national debt.


I think my point may not have come across as intended. I think a bunch of what she says is likely accurate. I am arguing that because she is a grifter and a garbage person (which is why she and Trump got along), it is dangerous to take her word on anything that cannot be verified, even when she is telling us what we want to hear. If she has recordings or objective evidence, great! But the fact is that she is not a credible person–she’s a reality TV virus who wants to sell some books and stay on the teevee.

I think the danger in giving any credence to any un-verified stories from people like her is that when aspects inevitably fall apart over embellishment or for whatever reason, it gives the appearance of vindication for the President.

But, at the end of the day, we both probably have to admit that nothing someone like her says makes any difference whatsoever one way or the other. Exactly 0% of Trump’s base cares if he used racial slurs or did anything comparable, and any decent person with a pulse already understands who and what Trump is.





Not exactly a shocking revelation Omarosa.

And yet she continued to work for him at $180K/year.


The funny thing is that he’s now publicly calling her a “dog” on Twitter and his supporters still think there’s no evidence he’s racist because the N-word tape hasn’t surfaced yet (though I’m sure they’ll find a way to rationalize that too).



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