Omarosa secretly taped Donald Trump


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At this point, who didn’t?

I thoroughly despise that woman, and I have long felt that way even before she ever became ‘quasi-famous’; but I have to acknowledge that she’s no dummy.

I said it before that anyone in his vicinity who wants to keep their grip on the reality that the rest of us live in would be wise to document every conversation given 45’s habit of constantly gaslighting.


Time and again we learn that everyone who worked with Donald Trump turns out to be exactly the kind of backstabbing, self-serving sociopath who would work with Donald Trump.


That woman is a snake, no doubt about it. And there are few things I love more than a good snakefight.


A word of warning - when I clicked through to the Daily Beast article my browser (Firefox) was hijacked. I had to shut down the process in the task manager.

ETA that the problem seems to be on my work computer (drat!), not at the Daily Beast. Click without fear!


Dude, you just insulted snakes…



You beat me to it. Most snakes a quite benign. Trumpkins are more like xenomorphs.




Though it must be said, chances are good “Onee’s” recordings are a big old nothing-burger that’s she just using to promote her upcoming book; above all, that woman is an opportunist.


You have no idea how much I hope she was involved in any of the many illegal activities 45’s admin has been engaging in, and that it can be proven…


Yep. As fun as previous insider revelations have been, they’ve mostly just been a way to make a bunch of money and give the press a few weeks of headlines.

At the end of the day, “Fire and Fury” turned out to be an amusing nothingburger even.


I understand why Trump enemies need to record their interactions with him, but his associates? Now there’s a character reference you can use in the courtroom, although with a little immunity.
(gritting teeth, remembering Linda Tripp lack of prosecution)


But he’s such a good judge of character!


It ought to be pants on fire surrounded by smoking guns.


Don’t get me wrong; some stuff is real, and will become incriminating evidence… but O never had an actual job in the White House; she was just mere ‘window dressing,’ a pet token, kept around to make 45 appear like somewhat less of a bigot than he is.

The odds that she has any real dirt on him (or anyone else in that cabinet) are very slim, IMO.


Her being gone is addition by subtraction.

Guess who didn’t bow down - everyone.


Indictments are another great stocking stuffer for the Trump staffer on your DA’s list.


She really did say “most powerful man in the universe”? I don’t feel so good.


We live in the worst of all possible universes?


I swear that chick is mentally stuck in a time loop or something; all her ‘slang’ and colloquialisms seem dated to circa ‘1996.’

Also I love the screenshot for that vid; it really shows her true persona.

She’s deluded a/f, pay her no mind. Remember, this is the same woman who claimed to have “brought the Black vote home” for 45, when it’s a fact that hardly any of my demographic voted for him.