Omarosa secretly taped Donald Trump


speaking as the proud owner of the sweetest ball python in the state of texas, i regret your use of that designation as a pejorative.


Broadly true about the Republican party in our modern age:


So do you think that “Teh Donald” is worried much about who else secretly recorded his conversations? I think so…and I’m LOL.


how could you not love that face?






Don’t worry Donald…(and I quote) “If you weren’t doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about.”


Maybe it’s the link? I have Daily Beast on my bookmark bar and it’s never a problem. What hijacked Firefox specifically?


I think it’s my work computer. I must have picked up some malware somehow, though heck if I know where.

I’m updating my earlier post…


“I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people”
– Tяump


I don’t work in any kind of IR position… But my ex used to.

You need to turn that puppy over to your IT department ASAP.



God, that gif is making me gag just watching it, while thinking of drumpf’s line.

Thanks bunches Melz!


If a couple of incompetent clowns like Cohen and Omarosa were able to make secret recordings of Trump saying damaging things then I can only begin to imagine what the KGB has on him. The pee tape is probably just the beginning.


As much as I value the science it is providing, I am wondering if the work done at the LHC made us skip a beat universally.


That’s an interesting chart. I’d always assumed Republicans enjoyed a bigger share of the black vote prior to the Southern Strategy. But it looks like, even at it’s pre-WWII, the Republicans barely broke even.


I read the other day that the move towards Democrats as Liberals and Republicans as Conservatives started with the New Deal. I haven’t seen it covered too much though.


I’m sure someone will hack her phone pronto, and Wikileaks will be all over releasing the tapes.

Right? Right?


And don’t switch to pejorating our beloved weasels.


No bagering about snakes. No weasel words. The zoomorphisation of anthropogenic bullshittery ain’t no good.

I also need to resist to compare those not-so-fellow human beings to mould and rot. De-humanisation is a mucus-covered slope, and the mushrooms sprouting from the pit below aren’t giving anyone nice and pleasant visions.

That said, these two are despicable, and not in a CGI-fun way. Let the supervillain fight begin. Have fun, 'murica.