Omarosa secretly taped Donald Trump


I’m torn between which is worse: the fact we have a president who is so legit disgusting I WANT everyone to have taped their conversations with him so we can out the festering pus ball that he is; or the fact that this bag of protoplasmic baby shit is so self-serving that she took the job and taped their conversations because she was planning to write a “get rich and famous tell-all” book from day one.

The only truth I can get out of this whole thing is that nasty, vile people deserve each other. And our society is corrupt as fuck at the upper end of life.


If only such a department existed at my workplace. I will have to muddle through on my own. If you don’t see anything from me for a few days it means the malware went airborne and incorporated me into a bot net.


How exciting!



snd. help.



Thinking about Omarosa reminds me of how unlikable she is, but it also makes me sad because it reminds me of the death of Michael Clarke Duncan. I really don’t get those two being a couple, unless he really wasn’t the sweet, good man that he seemed to be in interviews. I guess that’s the thing about celebrities though, you really don’t know anything about their personal lives from seeing them in movies and on TV.


I wonder if the big change in '64 is partly due to more blacks becoming registered. That would mean that there was a difference between voting patterns in states where they had almost insurmountable difficulty registering to vote and those states where they had fewer difficulties before.


[Kathleen] Turner described how Trump greeted her. “He goes to shake your hand and, with his index finger, kind of rubs the inside of your wrist,” she said. “He’s trying to do some kind of seductive intimacy move. You pull your hand away and go yuck .”


Try nearly all levels. We generally fail to acknowledge that we live on stolen land, we’ve acquired global dominance with the help of stolen resources, and much of our social order was built with unpaid slave labor. Such things benefit more than those living in the upper echelons.


I hope she secretly taped something worth secretly taping.


Why would anybody agree to a meeting with 45 when they didn’t have a recorder going, or at least independent witnesses?


Especially a woman, since we’re dealing with the quintessential example of the dude women warn each-other never to be alone with.


Can anyone link to the type of equipment she would have used?


Then my work here is done.


True, so I will say this;

She’s a really despicable person, one of the few whom I’ve met in life that I genuinely suspect of being an actual sociopath.


What do you mean? You can record audio on your phone. There are smaller devices that also save recording digitally. And of course there are the old school kinds with the mini-tapes. I have a decent one somewhere I got to record phone interviews back in the day.





LOL - wow. I don’t know where that typo came from. If I drank more I’d say it was my subconscious.


It made for a funny derail, which is more interesting than the actual topic…