Omarosa secretly taped Donald Trump


I don’t think that’s real old school wine.


He admitted to sexually assault women and got elected. Doesn’t matter what she recorded …


The the requester, who will be mercifully left unnamed as they deleted the request (but it was too late)


It’s good to remind people that they should be careful what they wish for.


Have you tried doing this treatment with video yet? If the clip used for each eye was out of sync with the other eye and mouth then you could get one eye to lick it’s lips. Sort of an elder gods wink.


It seems that for Trump, EVERY interaction has a winner and a loser. This is as apparent in his handshakes as it is in his attitude to trade. When You realize that this attitude extends to sex, it is no surprise that he has divorced often and paid large amounts of money to sex-partners.


Sorry, couldn’t resist.






Ugh, Cybermen…


The woman you love to hate has a Congenital Shame Deficiency?

Sure you don’t write for The Root?

By the way, sure you ain’t got some tape from way back? Like, on tape tape?

Now would be a good time to release the Kraken.


No love, nor hatred; just a deeply vested dislike.

Not yet.

I wish I had tapes that would help end all this nonsense.


One must image Sisyphos as a …


Maybe a Rock’n’Roll superstar on a never-ending tour. Without the narcissistic bullshit. That’s what politics are for these days.


I don’t really drink, but I will polish off a bottle of that in one go.


Asti Spumante?

Do they still make it?


Well, the last time I had it was at least 2010.

I have hyperbilirubinemia, so alcohol makes me feel…not bloated as such, but too much not sweet alcohol makes me feel crappy and fatigued at a level unlike most people. The sweet stuff, though. I can deal with that easily. Asti Spumanti, Drambuie, B&B…


Have you tried a Moscato (d’Asti or otherwise)? Normally I go for dry reds but my better half has been enjoying this:



Oh yeah, I luuuurve a good Moscato. I remember having a really good bottle along with a roast duck in 2007 in Chisinau, Moldova at cafe Big Deal. The entire meal clocked in at less than $20!


Damn, I haven’t thought about that one since I tended bar in the Caribbean…

What about Ponche Kuba; is that up your alley?


And this is also a good reminder to lobby your representatives to make your state a one-party consent state.

It boggles my mind that there are places that this would be illegal. This should always be legal.