Trump fires Omarosa, again

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I still remember her sucking up to Jessica Simpson as “The greatest performer in the World” and thinking geez what a clueless so and so


EXIT POLLS: Black women were key to swinging Alabama election to Democrats

TRUMP: “Find me a black woman to punish!”

STAFF: “Well we just have the one, and you already fired her for…”



“Who is Manigault?”



Ewww you can see pink insides of his skull cavity.


That thirsty sociopath is all about drama, but the timing of her departure is interesting. Do you suppose there’s a wee chance she heard someone high up in the regime make a … disparaging comment about the African-Americans in Alabama who voted against the boss’s favourite candidate?


Inside Omarosa’s brain upon hearing racist comments from Trump: “Whaaaa…?? Am I working for a racist?” And suddenly the light bulb goes on, gears audibly click into place, and Omarosa says “shit. I am so stupid.” and walks out. That’s probably not how it went down, but I’m going to pretend it is.


I see what you did, there!


Well, that’s two pieces of unexpected good news on the political front!

No one; absolutely no one, at all.

Don’t bet on it; like you said, from what little I know of her, I’m pretty sure that person is an actual sociopath…not to mention I’m sure it’s not the first time she’s heard disparaging remarks against the Black community while “working” with 45’s admin, and she probably just smiled and sucked it up.

The theory that 45 needed to lash out against a Black person is probably much more likely, as is her having to be escorted off the premises.


What puzzles me is the leaving after one year thing. Makes me wonder if there was something in her hiring agreement where her silence can be bought with a minimum 1 year employment, or if there are certain federal lifetime benefits that accrue after 1 year of employment, or something along those lines. It’s just… odd. There’s got to be some sort of leverage there somewhere.

Initially, I thought it might be timed to be on Civil Rights / MLK, Jr. Day, but that’s the 15th of January in 2018, so it’s not a martyrdom thing.

There’s something here that has yet to come out, I’m sure of it.


I am not sure it applies the this person in question, but for Rex Tillerson, the 1 year requirement is so he does not have to pay as much tax (of course) on stuff that he divested to reduce his conflict of interest.

If he is in the job less than 1 year he would have to pay the full taxes.


This sounds more likely -

This news concludes my brief association with Trump’s circle. When I first moved into my Brooklyn apartment my landlord told me to check out season 1 episode 7 from The Apprentice. Turned out that my apartment was the one Omarosa’s team had been tasked to “remodel” and “flip” for a higher rent in one of the challenges. Except that they tore out the kitchen cabinet doors, replacing them with dishcloth curtains, did a shitty job painting the floors, and overall did such a terrible job that he had to completely renovate the place after the show left. He thought by knowing someone from the production team that he’d gotten a good deal on a quick reno, but big or small, Trump doesn’t fail to screw people over.


That makes sense. Tax savings aren’t to be trifled with at that level, even if you’re about to get a lot more of them.

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Funny, sad, and doesn’t surprise me in the least! You would think the production company would have certain contractual obligations to make the property owner whole in case of damages or poor workmanship, but since Trump owned (I think) the production company, expecting any level of responsibility or quality seems like a fool’s errand.



What “other opportunities?”

She’s a woman with no actual talent who’s already done the reality tv circuit and she’s already a charlatan preacher… getting a do-nothing gig with an unbelievably corrupt administration was the best it was ever going to get for that opportunistic self-hating leech, especially after her ‘golden ticket’ got cancelled when Michael Clark Duncan died…


It sounds like it’s down to Kelly, who didn’t like her barging into the Oval Office with news that she knew would unbalance Trump.

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The only one I know of takes 5 years - after 5 years working for the Feds you get lifetime access to the insurance. You have to pay for it, but it’s a BIG pool, so way cheaper and better than anything you’d likely find on the private market.