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Okay, now I want one.

There’s this, but I think the wife might object.

This is a bit more reasonable – and manually operated, to boot (and by boot, if that’s yer thang).

Vintage models on ebay seem to got for around $140, which isn’t so bad, considering.


Not in my price range.


And, to be honest, the wife would probably object in all cases, and I know my son would find the #!@@# thing while his baby brother is napping…


There’s also this li’l beauty “ideal […] for vessels under 75 meters in length”:

'tis a shame. The Those Who Deem Inappropriate the Singing of Disney Songs in the Office Bathroom Are Not Worthy of Acknowledgement is, in most 3-space rotations, almost always more than 75 meters in length.


Hmmmm, an excellent catalogue you’ve gathered here. I’d like to install one of these in the stairwell of my apartment, and have it set to go off automatically every time the kid next door runs up or down the stairs. It would totally be worth the noise on my side.

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In collitch the guys in the dorm room above would come back in the middle of the night and turn on their stereo, at a not reasonable volume for the middle of the night. One night they appeared to be bickering, as the volume went down, then back up, then down, then up, then down, then… well, after 5, 10 minutes it went off, I think.

Roomie and I finally got fed up with this. We prepped everything, then went to sleep.

Around 3am the stereo once again woke us up, and I reached down and plugged in the extension cord, turning on the tape deck which was connected to my roomie’s bass amp, turned up to 9*.

I’m told that several hundred people ended up out on the lawn, but we just rolled over and went to sleep after a minute.

Never did hear that d**n stereo again.


* We weren’t sadists!


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