On-set Star Wars photos from Peter "Chewbacca" Mayhew


his captions are really well done.

semi-related: this is what I got for christmas this year


maybe peter mayhem will post that photo of himself with sid vicious and vic sidious

edit: post originally said “mayhem”, now corrected - but at what price?

They all look so young…


I’d never have guessed Peter Mayhew took those shots, I figured that from his point of view one would only see the tops of other actors’ heads.


full … of … WIN!

I’m imagining him with one of those cameras that have the viewer on the top. So he’s holding it around his waist, looking down into it, which is head height for everyone else.


It’s not the funniest, but I love the picture of Mark Hamill and Peter Cushing. Hamill is a huge film history fan, and, according to Carrie Fisher, bugged Alec Guinness with so many questions that Guinness finally offered him £20 to go away.

I imagine Hamill saying to Cushing, “I know you hear this all the time, but I loved you in Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors.


why did he wait so damn long?

So much vintage awesome here…

If only the SW universe could get back to the smoke and mirrors production magic of the early days.

Reminded me of how very young Carrie Fisher was when filming ANH. Just a kid!

I am so very, very happy to see these. The pictures are awesome, the captions are most excellent, and Mayhew is now my favorite guy of the week!

My brother obtained for me Mayhew’s autograph on this card right here back in late '77:

I’ll have to dig it out. I was a lucky kid.

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