On the illegality of saying "I want to kill the President of the United States of America"

Interestingly if you read “The Gift of Fear”, apparently almost no successful assassin has threatened a public figure in a long time. Now, how much of that is because SS follows up with these people to make sure they’re not a threat? Who knows.

But I suspect the vast majority of people who threaten POTUS, past or present, are either mentally ill and/or blowing off steam.

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:sweat_smile: :fearful:

That’s a rather unfortunate acronym.


I’ve been on at least one list since the 70s! :grin:

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I would not be the slightest bit sad if the current POTUS died a horribly agonizing and deeply embarrassing death.


Authoritarianism perhaps but fascism would be a stretch. Sure, controlling political speech is a feature of fascism but that alone can’t be considered fascism. That would be like watching baseball and calling it tennis because they both use small round balls.
This is the same reason the alt-right is wrong for calling antifa fascists for using force to suppress a political group (fascists).

pun intended

A Harper’s Magazine editorial from the 1st Bush Jr. presidency beautifully pontificated upon many scenarios by which Bush (as the president) should be murdered, hypothetically speaking. It was a Harper’s high point and generated some hand wringing among their lawyers and various political pundits. It provided me much solace as my disgust with America’s indefensible invasion of Iraq proceeded.

Today this editorial is more relevant than ever and deserves a new renaissance in the popular culture as we strain to rid ourselves of an embarrassing orange pox.

Here’s the editorial in question from Ben Metcalf out in the wild and not behind the Harper’s paywall:


Came to say this. Watching the clips made me dig out my first season on DVD, and finally order the 2nd season at a somewhat reasonable price.

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However much I want to see the back of him, killing him or talking about killing him is a really bad idea. The only thing an assassination attempt would achieve is to solidify his support and justify state oppression against the left (then after that, the centre).


It’s incredibly illegal to announce that you want to drop a nuclear bomb on North Korea.
Well… It’s illegal for you and me, but…

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I hate to admit it, but I wouldn’t exactly shed many tears if Trump were to pass away.

But death’s too good for him.

I want him alive to witness every hidden secret, every embarrassing moment, every lie and scheme and crime he has ever perpetrated dragged into the light. I want him forced to watch while everything he’s built is destroyed, his empires are dismantled, and his accomplishments are discredited and turned to scorn. I want him, and his family, and all his cronies, dragged kicking and screaming from the heights of power; they should be tried, convicted, and sentenced to jail for the rest of their miserable lives. I want him fully aware, every second of every day, how far he’s fallen, with nothing left to him but misery and disgrace. For someone who seems so desperate to prove himself the best of the best, that kind of complete humiliation would be its own special flavor of hell. And I want him to suffer that comeuppance for as long as possible.

What can I say? I’m a “to the pain” kind of gal.



I know much whiter kids than that. :neutral_face:

Though I’ve repeatedly and explicitly hoped/prayed for his demise, you are right.

A more fitting punishment for all the evil and chaos 45 has wrought would be for him to be trapped within his own body as a vegetable for the rest of his life; unable to move or speak independently, yet fully aware of everything that goes on around him.


President Trump is the LAST person I would want to see assassinated. Can you imagine, the right wing would turn him into a martyr. Ewww…



But how does the law feel about, “I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence”?

Based on the documentary film series, National Treasure, not favorably.


I thought the lady historian was the only one who began to take him even slightly seriously as a threat until after the fact? Maybe it’s time for a rewatch!

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Ah, good point. I haven’t watched it since a year or two after it was released. Eventually they were upset.

My vote is that cock-rot disease that got an article on here the other day. Come on Fates! Throw us a bone, willya?

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He has a Pecker problem

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