On 'The View,' Mike Bloomberg says he regrets telling 'bawdy' jokes (WTAF?)

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Why would anyone vote for him? Seriously, why? We saw what he is capable of as a politician. No thanks.


Because he somehow got the Democratic nomination?


Because he somehow bought the Democratic nomination.


Will the media’s war on ribaldry and japery never end?


Well, considering a sexist, racist, mega-rich New Yorker won the presidency last time, maybe the Democrats think “fine America, if that’s what you want, we got you covered.”


Thankfully unlikely.


Not seeing a lot of Democrats leaning that way, thankfully.


Why indeed, but something tells me he’s airing out this particular stuff on purpose, to inoculate people against the other, better reasons not to vote for him.

If people only have space in their head for one anti-Bloomberg talking point (and that’s probably a highball estimate), he can deal with “douchey remarks from previous century” more easily than “entitled egomaniac bought nomination for cash”.

“Did I ever tell a bawdy joke? Yeah, sure I did. And do I regret it? Yes. It’s embarrassing,” Bloomberg, who is 77, said on ABC’s “The View” this morning. “But, you know, that’s the way I grew up.”’

Sadly, that’s a perfectly sensible explanation for a lot of people.

Fortunately, most of them are Republicans.


Ah, who are we to judge a man for enjoying the occasional ribaldry of a traveling band of minstrels while raising a flagon of mead?



You know that feeling when someone gets you to try something they say is great, and at first bite it’s not so bad, but after an entire meal of it you’re like “good god, never again, I’ve had enough to last a lifetime.”

No more old white male presidents for me please. If I get even a whiff of “well in my day,” mixed with bengay and a pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps tax plan, I’m gonna hurl for the rest of eternity.


The only way to stop a bad sexist, racist, mega-rich New Yorker…


Bloomberg knows the polls well enough to know he isn’t going to win. He mad 58 billion selling access to quantitive data.

Bloomberg publicly said he might spend up to a billion dollars supporting whoever the eventual Democrat is, just to get rid of Trump.

Bloomberg is spending millions on registering people to vote.

For a 77 year old worth 58 billion, this is all loose change.

It’s likely he is simply checking boxes so he can line up his advertising operation for the general election. The privileges of being a candidate to collect voter data and the like more than justifies presenting to try and win.

For the life of me, I simply can’t decide if he’s lining up behind the theory in the Ralph Nader book “Only the Super Rich can Save Us”, and is actually pitching in to stop something that will kill us all.

Or, does he see Trump as the handwriting on the wall, and has decided to get ahead of his fellow 1% buddies who can do nothing but celebrate, in the hopes that his piece offering to the Democrats keep the torches off his front porch after the election is over.

Probably a bit of both.

Or he’s just an egotistical bastard who thinks he has an actual shot at winning. :woman_shrugging:

If the election came down to Trump and this asshole, I would vote for Gary Johnson.


That’s what I said last time… It wouldn’t have mattered in my state, but still, I have regrets.

I think this might be an actual attempt to win, rather than a cynical ploy to boost something else. The salaries being offered for primary campaign stuff in my area are miles beyond what anyone else offers, usually even in the general. If the goal was something as simple as scaring a few Dems on tax policy or gathering data, he could do it on a more modest budget without seeming out of line. He’s offering 6000 a month, with benefits, in Ohio through the November election regardless of how his campaign goes. That’s more than the state’s median income guaranteed for a position that usually makes somewhere in the minimum wage range.

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So sick of these fucking billionaires that get all oranged up and start yapping their pie holes.

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