One-legged woman's Hallowe'en costume


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I thought “one legged woman” was the costume.


I remember seeing that particular costume done a couple years ago, but it any case it’s brilliant. Part of me wants to see a dangly switch chain like so:

But another part of me says “No.”


You’re probably thinking of Josh Sundquist.


No, hadn’t seen it done by a feller before, but I’m damned if I can remember where I did see it.


This post is five years old, so it’s possible you saw it here.


Good point!

Another cleanup in aisle three…


Uhh… yeah. Yep. That’s right.

Damn. And I even knew about this time-travel issue, and for once didn’t read the link’s URL.


it helps to call the dragon… @falcor when you get a minute.


Aww, I like to keep these old ones around. They’re usually not too terribly dated, and generally fun too,