One person has a double-digit lead over Trump, but she's not running

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but she’s not running.

Right. So… :person_shrugging:


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She doesn’t WANT TO RUN. Why can’t people fucking listen?!?


Trump’s first term was all Hillary Clinton’s fault for not doing a better job stopping him, but we still need a woman to blame should he win again. :unamused:


Hey, she could just file the paperwork, do no campaigning or public appearances whatsoever, win anyway, and make her husband do the work. What are they gonna do, charge her with a crime?

All these polls showing 1-3% differences between various Dems and Trump just proves that virtually any of them would beat Trump if they were nominated and began receiving media attention.


Polls don’t prove that anyone would win an election. And hypothetical candidates, who haven’t been under the scrutiny of running in a presidential election, aren’t necessarily going to become more electable with media attention.


There’s no reason to assume her approval numbers would stay so high if she actually ran for office.

Right now Michelle Obama exists as a kind of idealized abstraction of a political candidate. She has never run for office herself, so she’s never had to endure a sustained smear campaign directed primarily at her. In the unlikely event she decides to run then she’ll have the full weight of the Republican Party and the media looking for dirt and asking questions like “is being a former First Lady really enough experience for someone who hasn’t personally held a position of public service?”


But she’ll “go high” when the others “go low”!

Here’re some notions to ignore:

  1. It’s become The Democrats (as in whomever) vs trump/nazis
  2. Who would trump most like to face? (hint: he has very uncharacteristically not made fun of Biden’s ‘debate’ performance)
  3. As shallow as the matter is Biden’s media performance is all that is cared about by those who will make the critical decision (that is, not us -sigh-)

You don’t think polls favoring a former first lady to win over Trump guarantee that it would happen? Whatever could possibly have given you that idea? :open_mouth:


It’s funny how Trump keeps talking as if running for president is some great sacrifice on his part (when clearly it’s for the benefit of his ego), whereas here we have someone for whom it really would be a sacrifice to be president.

(I think it’s interesting that the American desire to elect someone who isn’t “a politician” has now gotten to the point where we want someone who literally isn’t a politician, isn’t running and doesn’t want the job.)


More Fantasy Political League games. :roll_eyes:

How come they don’t talk about the chances of someone other than Trump?


The tl;dr of the problem with the Democrats is nicely sung about by Chris DeBurgh in his song “Spanish Train” - they refuse to believe that the only way to turn all this around is to beat the Republicans at their own game. Keep taking the moral/democratic/high roads & you’ll all end up in work/reeducation camps because liberals will be declared enemies of the State. fwiw


The Devil still cheats and wins more souls
And as for the Lord, well, he’s just doing his best…


Until she’s pushed to the level of producing a policy platform this still doesn’t rise above yet another personality cult. It’d be like voting for a neighbor you like. There needs to be more than that.


I don’t know which is worse.

Republicans making her this constant political threat just waiting to announce her run and take over as president - “Obama 2: Electric Boogaloo” - so they can get both really racist and sexist

Or Democrats with this fan fiction of how she would be the bestest President ever and would win in a landslide - when she has repeatedly said she doesn’t want that at all.



She’s been transparently clear for many years she isn’t interested in politics. People wishing to push her towards a presidency bid seems to really undermine her own agency, this is not something she wants.


Wondering how these number would skew if the poll had mentioned Hillary and/or Bernie.

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If the primary rationale for replacing Biden is his age then nominating an even older candidate like Bernie would be freaking ridiculous.


I was looking forward to Feinstein vs. McConnell.

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The problem isn’t Biden being old and Michelle Obama not wanting to run, the problem is the people who won’t vote against the fucking Nazi no matter who the candidate is. It’s not rocket science, vote for the one who isn’t a goddamn Nazi, or you’re gonna have a Nazi for president and you’ll never vote again. It’s astounding that some people still can’t grasp this.