Oops! United flight attendant accidentally posted cockpit door codes


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Read about this recently and i haven’t seen anywhere why the flight attendant posted the codes in the first place. What the hell was she thinking? Also can’t do anything with the WSJ link, subscription required. Git outta here with that noise.


Since it’s a relatively modern occurrence without an official name beyond ‘posting a password or something publicly by accident’, I think that Spicer post kinda nails it… I’m gonna start using ‘Aqenbpuu’ as a cute little name for things like this. Awk-when-bih-poo. Did you hear about that Tillerson aqenbpuu? Oh, yeah, that was huge.


Could be the name of the next aircraft carrier: USS Aqenbpuu CVN123



Poor United. For whatever it’s worth, I just flew to and back from France on United and they were downright awesome. Granted they might have been on best behavior, but if that’s what it takes for me to get a cup of ice cream during the flight, I’m all for it.


That’s too obscure, and besides hasn’t Spicer done that at least twice? Instead call it “pulling a Spicer”. [Yes, I know he wasn’t the first to accidentally post account information, but his gaffe was very visible.]


Aqenbpuu is this year’s hiybbprqag.


He or she.


Pfft, corporate shill. Real hipsters only have bad things to say.




Everybody to the limit… the cheat is to the limit?




That’s the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!


Apparently it wasn’t the cockpit door codes, it was the cockpit doorbell code.

The airline periodically changes codes that need to be punched into a keypad on the outside of the cockpit door to request entry to the flight deck. Even ringing a chime alerting the cockpit to open the door from the inside requires a specific code, this person said.


My guess would be recording it somewhere for later reference.


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