Open a six-pack all at once with this indispensible gadget


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looks like no more repetitive stress injury for me!


I do not think that word means what you think it means.


Thank God! Thank God! For so many years I have been opening them one-by-one!


But it’s still easier to drink from cans.



I need 6 beers to drink 2 cause I spill the rest all over me. Glad to see it’s a more common affliction than originally thought.




Alton Brown asks “So what else does it do?”


If you don’t have an actual wombat, you could try using one to play wom, but serious afficionados of the game will look down on you.


This is exactly what makes Thanksgiving a difficult holiday.


Opening a six-pack all at once?! We truly are living in the future.


Krazy Straws also coming in packs of 6 is natural symbiosis at its finest.


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