Order a pizza with random toppings


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I thought said is pizza?


I don’t think “random” means what they think it means. A random pizza might be crust, sauce, cheese, and… is it sausage or is it pepperoni? Including bolts and dog poop does not make it more random. There is no such thing as “more random,” just like you can’t be “more pregnant.”


Heh, they also implied edible…


2 Large Dominos Pizzas: $49.95 - I think I’m gonna pass


Oh, I can guarantee that I’m not gonna’ like it.



Roll for pizza.


I remember seeing a site like that earlier in the year, considering i live in a town where non-chain pizza joints are gourmet and therefore insanely expensive i’m not even going to try it for lulz


While I’m not sure, those things look a bit like moose droppings…Oh wait, that said toppings. My bad Boris, I thought you might have had some insight but no.


There’s nothing random about ordering pizza.


Can you get it with a side of chiros?

(This shit gets seriously complicated.)


More random can be a thing. In what you gave I’d say that adding more topping wouldn’t be more random, but, say, rolling for what your type of cheese would be. It’s like a spectrum: chess is a not-random-at-all game, Risk is a fairly random game (you can do a lot to mitigate the randomness, but it can still screw you over,) and sorry is a very random game unless you get way into strategy.



There’s no way to exclude allergens from the random selection, so I wouldn’t use it even if they weren’t using Domino’s pizza (last time I checked I couldn’t eat their pizza sauce without having an extremely unpleasant week afterwards)


I’ve no allergies, but I’d certainly have an unpleasant 20 minutes or so.


Isn’t this what quattro stagione is really supposed to be?


once when I ordered pizza I got someone else’s pizza by mistake. It was an odd pizza totally unlike what I’d order for myself (white sauce, cheese, onions, spinach and feta cheese), but not bad. I liked that experience and would like to repeat it, but I fear the randomness a little. At least in the case of the pizza switcharoo I had the guarantee that SOMEONE thought that combination of toppings was a good idea. Plus also in that case the pizza was free because of the mistake.


I’m going to have to admit that there’s actually a Domino’s pizza that I do like. Someone ordered one at my wife’s hospital, and she brought home some.

It’s standard crust, white sauce, standard cheese, pickled jalapenos, bacon, and italian sausage. The vinegar and heat of the jalapenos balance out the too oily/rich of the white sauce and meat.


Lots of dominos hate here :wink:

For me, i find it the best of all the similar pizza places round here, by a considerable margin. I’m a bit addicted to their BBQ sauce-based pizzas. OM NOM NOM.
Also it’s very dangerous for me, since the closest dominos is literally 2 minutes walk from my front door and you can get quite considerable discounts for collecting…

I both like and dislike the random pizza idea though. It needs some way to exclude ingredients you know you hate or are allergic to for it to be viable IMHO.


In my experience when people say random they usually mean arbitrary