Ordnance Survey map of Mars

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excellent. So when do the Landranger or Explorer maps due out?

I call fake, they didn’t even get the canals right.


Anyone else think it’s weird that it’s officially released under a CC-BY-NC license at Flickr, yet the document itself is Crown copyright (all rights reserved; “reproduction in whole or in part by any means is prohibited without prior written permission”)?

I think the solution to the mystery is that the specific file made available as a download is CC-BY-NC, and that the crown considers that file a separate work to the source file.


This is the map that Mark Watney needed (used?) to get from Acidalia Planitia in the upper left to Schiaparelli crater in the lower right.

I really should spend the rest of the data mapping his route out. Someone on the internet will do (has done) it for me.

I just want a height topographical map of data for Mars for 3D printing.

I’ve seen the phrase “ordnance map” countless times but never knew the origin

I assumed it had to do with Her Majesty’s Royal Artillery. Figured the British had mapped out the high ground in any potentially rebellious land, everywhere, since longbows.

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