Oregon wedding has weed bar with budtender


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Aaargh! This makes me so envious. C’mon England, hurry up and get with the 21st century already.


WOW is being a Budtender a real job now? In the USA? ~mind blown~


Budtending now is like being a Barista in the early 90’s, people have to at least appear knowledgeable and make appropriate suggestions.

In a few years it will be like being a barista is now. Basically just whatever person they can stick behind a counter who can run the register.


Eight ounces? Must’ve had one helluva snack bar, too.


Pair that with the ubiquitous bar of candies and you’ve got a winning idea there.


Forget the plant material, I want that.


I’ll take that share. Keep the sugar. :smile:


Why not have both? :smiley:
You know, munchies… :stuck_out_tongue:






Joint Chief of Staff?


That’s the winner for sure.


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