Oregon: wildfires turn daytime sky into a hellish shade of red

Currently AQI of 96 at the east end of the Gorge, down from 170+ on Monday - we had less than 1mi. visibility, could barely see across the river!

Smoke is just now starting to roll into town today, I can still see the hills…so it’s not that bad yet


This is what the sky looked like back in 2017 as well. And my thought then was, “maybe this will wake people up?”. And my hopes of people waking up now are no greater than they were then. Easier to blame one lone pyro kid than to ask any harder questions about this lifestyle.

I’m kind of ready for this all to burn down, honestly.


Yeah, I’m having to turn on the lights in the house at noon to see anything.


FFS this is way too close for comfort


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The hideous, post-apocalyptic architecture alone gives it away…oh, that’s Salesforce Tower…


Air’s OK here other than the falling ash. We’re close to Point Reyes National Seashore and got a ton of smoke from the fire out there, especially when they started lighting back fires to contain things. It was pretty gross.


Not as intense in Seattle but we are still getting some surreal sunsets.

Last night:


We had some Washington state smoke cross the border yesterday and bring an odd haze to the greater Vancouver area. Imaginary lines don’t block smoke apparently.


I went outside just after noon, looked up at the sky and it struck me: “Where the fuck is the sun!?” Took me a while of staring at the sky where the sun should be before I managed to spot the faint pink spot that was slightly lighter than the rest of the sky. It’s gotten darker, now, and I can’t see it at all.

Yikes. I’m far enough away from any fires - and protected by breezes from the bay - that all we get is smoke, and now only higher atmosphere smoke, apparently, as the air quality isn’t that bad. I just can’t see the sun anymore…


Yes, fire in every direction. Sorry for the international smoke. Our civilization seems to be burning down as we speak. :sob:


Away from home right now, but the fires are about 5 miles away from there. Neighbors say everything still ok, but that they had to use flashlights until 10:30am. Monday ~2pm got an emergency text, 4:30pm before we left, it was clear and still, before 5 it was dark and the trees all looked like they were heading over. Not sure what we’ll find in two days, or if we can even get home.


I’m below Lake Tahoe, between Stockton and Carson City. US-50 near Tahoe is closed for repairs so traffic and air are both thick in my vicinity. PG&E just restored power an hour ago. It pretty much sucks here. Do not inhale.


Fire, Pestilence, Storms and Trump; is it Apocalypse, now?


“Hellish?” Never actually having seen Hell, isn’t that pure speculation? For all we know, Hell might be entirely beige, with the fire and brimstone replaced by central heating.

BTW, I would be very surprised if we don’t soon see the US equivalent of this bullshit:

Expect “antifa arsonists” to start trending fairly soon.


I don’t see that flying in Oregon, sorry. We’ve had fires here and know well how dry conditions and east winds combine to cause them. The only people who are open to that kind of manipulation would only use it to take a break from binging on Q bullshit.


Australia is not unfamiliar with fires, either. Regardless, pretty much every corporate media outlet ran with that nonsense for a month.


Clear skies here, too!

We used to live up near Nevada City, CA for a couple of years. And every summer the smoke would get so bad we’d just take a couple of weeks off and gtfo. Friends in the area have been dealing with smoke and evacuations for several weeks now. Oy.

Here’s the fire map near Portland. This is seriously bad. We’ve had a couple of days of very strong east winds. Next week we have cooler temps and the usual seasonal north wind and possibly some sprinkles.