Otter makes odd noises while eating


News has sucked of late - cheer up, here’s an otter begging for munchies, and getting them, and making weird sounds all the way.


Aw! When it’s eating what I hear is yummy yummy yummy!


It’s an odd dialect but yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it is saying.


Yeah, I suppose it really was more like yemmy yemmy yemmy! :smile:


Have you lot seen Bingo the Otter’s youtube channel? It’s wonderful!


There was nothing on television tonight anyway…


I love otters dearly, but they are some of the noisiest little critters you will ever meet. I can’t imagine having one for a pet in your house.


I’ve not read that, although I have heard of it.
This man was on TV a lot when I was a kid; I remembered he lost a fingertip to an otter, turns out it was while looking after Gavin Maxwell’s otters!


The fingertip incident is detailed in one of Maxwell’s otter books (I think the first one); his otters bit off enough bits of fingers and earlobes to prove they were definitely not tame pets! His books are definitely worth reading, though the third one (Raven Seek Thy Brother) is a very depressing finale, fair warning.

I visited the site of Maxwell’s otter books, off the coast of the Isle of Skye, many years ago, and it would be a beautiful, isolated place to live.


The crowd approves!




Do you mean adorable? Because that was afuckingdorable.


See link above…


Some family members make _sounds_while consuming mass quantities, and these noises beat the human sounds every day of the week/twice on Sundays.


In the source video they’re squeaking like crazy (someone in the comments is saying the otters think they see the person who feeds them):


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