Otters taking an ice bath


Does this mean the otters were too cheap to donate to ALS research?


Embedding fail.
The video link is to a UStream site instead of a static video clip. At the time of this writing, there’s definitely no ice bath.

They otter be satanists.


1,000,000 HPI > UltraHD/Retina PPI!


Hi @JustSam When there’s embedded video, you’ll probably need to click through to the original entry. The video won’t be embedded on the BBS. Anytime you’re looking for missing video, just click through on the tiny line that reads (URL-appropriately) this way:

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Right now it’s after 7 pm local time, so the otters will be sleeping.

The “Ice Bucket Challenge” here is trying to get them out of the ice bucket. :smiley:


I knew very well to click through to see the video. The fact that Xeni embedded something that only lasted for a few moments and couldn’t be replayed is the point. The embedding fail stands.

Sorry @JustSam that doesn’t fly. I’m not sure you get the problem.

So, please, don’t blame Xeni for a known glitch (see meta: several problems have been noted relating to embedded video).

The link as viewed from the bbs:

Seems to take you to the “wrong” link because the inserted video is simply missing at this page. That link is an ad for Ustream (who supplies live footage of the otters) which is meant to be seen below the streaming video.

If you go here instead, you’ll be at the main BoingBoing site (not the BBS) and you’ll see the inserted video. Then the link which you misinterpreted as being a “bad link” will make sense. That ad is still there, right below the live footage of the otters - which is on 24-7, but they can only be viewed during “lights on” hours at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. I just checked and at 6:56pm Pacific, they’re out playing.

P.S. The “ice bath” is a static image.

I understand perfectly, and did from the outset. The fact is that the entire blog post was about watching a video of otters take an ice bath, but that cannot be done. During the correct hours you can watch live video of them doing all sorts of other things, but certainly not what the point of the post was. And that’s why its a failure.

I’m not going to argue with you about it further. You won’t grasp the issue anyway.

The fail stands.

No, you really don’t, and no - it really isn’t.
The blog post is a static image (a jpeg) of four otters in two red tubs taking an ice bath, and it includes a link (unrelated to otters bathing, except in the fact that they are always “in the nude”) that allows you watch them at their enclosure at the MBA.

I promise, you are misunderstanding the post.

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