Outback Steakhouse is a chain of Satan


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It’s possible they are simply using the location planning software used by some chains to optimise the position of outlets based on population, and it has a bias towards rings of 5.


Get thee behind me Outback!


Worst steak dinner I ever had was at an Outback, never again.


has it not occurred to that that you can do this almost with any 5 points - I bet it can be done with evangelical churches too



Wow! And here I thought it was odd that connecting three random dots always made a triangle!

Next, you’ll be telling me that adding two even numbers or two odd numbers will always yield an even number.


I’ll bet these geniuses also think Trump is doing a great job.


I tried to do it with western Washington, but I was really drunk last night.


Huh. So that’s what they meant by the land down under.


Anybody try this with Trump properties? or the locations of his family members?


What a ridiculous story.

By the way: Try their ‘Beelzebub Broiled Brisket’. And while you’re there, indulge in a slice of Draghignazzo’s Flaming Peach Cobbler. To die for.


Don’t those turn out looking like dollar signs?


They want to summon a mutant lovecraftian orca?


Puh-leeze! Satan has standards.


the originator of this spent too much time staring into the fire with Melisandre.


Well, that’s good enough for me. Satan it is.


Steak, shmeak. I go there for the Kookaburra Wings.


What a load of tripe.


Been a while, but I always found Outback to be a perfectly reasonable meal and a perfectly reasonable price. Pretty sure you weren’t going to get a bad meal, damned sure you weren’t going to get a great one. And for that sort of consistency, a pack with the devil is no big deal.