Over $100K raised so far after library defunded for having LGBTQ+ books

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I’m glad the crowdfunding campaign is going well but wish it wasn’t needed. The bigger fight is to stop right-wingers and Know-Nothings from taking over local offices and pushing destructive and hateful ballot initiatives.


In my very very very nauseating red county in Michigan there were 4 milages on our August primary.

Funding for parks and recreation, senior citizens services, ambulance services, and library funding. These were not new or even raising them, they were just to renew them.

They passed with over 70% of the votes.

That 30% that campaigned heavily against them is all over our local groups claiming it was rigged because all the people they know voted against the proposals.

With the exception of libraries they use all the other services.

It’s nuts.


And yet, suggesting that progressives actually become candidates for these offices is mostly met with excuses as to why doing the actual work is too hard. Conservative nut-jobs took over local policy making because everybody else declined to step up.

Isn’t a major reason progressives may not want to step up threats of violence from the right?


Not even the first time I’ve used this gif on the bbs:



Here’s a librarian fighting back, she’s suing a couple people for accusing her of all sorts of things.


That and they don’t get any support from their state and national Dem establishments, who already think that these offices are too small for their more centrist candidates to bother with.

Meanwhile, the GOP has been using these offices as a “farm team” talent-scouting operation for decades and fascist billionaire donors throw their pocket change toward these candidates.

But sure, let’s put all the blame on “lazy and apathetic” progressives…


Catching a bullet is hard work!


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