Overseas spectators forbidden from Tokyo Olympics

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I’ve been a spectator at two Olympic games in my life. They were memorable events, but I’ve known for a long time* that they’re boondoggles for the host countries that now mainly exist to benefit television networks, sponsors, showboating political leaders, and of course the various grifters who find their ways into various national and international Olympic committees and governing bodies.

[* probably around the time I learned what a corrupt fascist scumbag Juan Antonio Samaranch was]


If they can’t safely host international spectators at one of the biggest international spectacles we have, maybe they should postpone the Olympics!


What is the thinking there? Are they specifically doing something with the tsunami/nuclear catastrophe?

IIRC the Games are meant to celebrate Japan’s recovery from the disaster.

The tenth anniversary is on Thursday.


I can hear the official international ticket sellers crying into their bank balances from here. Most events were already sold out.

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I had tickets for a couple of events and a few months back we were offered a full refund if we no longer wanted to attend.
I had already figured they were going to block international spectators so took the option and the money has already been refunded.


Ooh, I wasn’t planning on attending, but now that I know it won’t be too crowded…

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