Own a decommissioned lighthouse with bids starting at $10K


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@AndreaJames, @pesco beat you to it a 2 weeks ago.

Cheap but I am sure to clean it up and make it habitable would make it on par with buying a large house.


I´m the only thinking that a lighthouse like these will be a hell of a refuge against the zombie apocalypse?



Bring back light house jobs!


My limited understanding is that for the most part, the lights on them still work, but they are automated, no longer needing an on-site keeper. Which means that it isn’t really GPS that did them in. And that anybody who moves here must love foghorns. Which are LOUD.


Well, that single Powerball ticket I bought last night didn’t pan out like I hoped, so NO, I will not be buying a quaint-but-very-very-inconvenient-and-maybe-dangerous-in-bad-weather-money-pit.


That’s what I came to post!

My wife sings it, so I always assume she’s been pining for me to quit my programming job… This is how you make a marriage work, right?


Give the woman what she wants!

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