"I bought an abandoned lighthouse for $71k and spent $300k making it a home" (video)

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From the video…

You have to park about a half a mile away and you have to carry your supplies out. So food, water, gas for the generator, all gets carried out.

You paid $371k to experience that life? To each his own, but no thanks. This lady must definitely have some FU money.


Well. . . it is a summer home, so she may only spend a couple months there a year. I wouldn’t want to make that trek in the winter during a nasty storm blowing across the lake. I could if I had to, but I wouldn’t choose it for year round living.

These kinds of conversions, I like them more in theory than in practice. It looks cool, it’s a cool idea, she did a good job, but it lacks some practicality-- she doesn’t have a yard, although I guess she can use that rocky beach and the long pier all she wants.

[ETA: to be fair, most of the time I’ve lived in the city I haven’t had a yard either, so a beach would be a nice change of pace. I could see getting a small boat too if I lived there, for the commute home.]

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I grew up near there and we used to do the long walk out the irregularly-surfaced breakwater to the sealed-up lighthouse. Since then a broad sand bar beach has built up along the west side of the breakwater. At 8:04 the shoreline was about the same on left and right of the breakwater then.


For anyone interested in recreating this experience, the Cleveland West Harbor Lighthouse is currently for sale and they’ve struggled to find buyers. Living there would be a nightmare, but the view is extraordinary.

Funny seeing this lighthouse pop again. It was mentioned in passing in this (memey) video about the trouble the Federal Government has in tracking its real estate. Bush Jr. signed an act to try and track that real estate, which mostly failed because of how fragmented the government really is. Obama then signed an act to try and get rid of the unused real estate.

As of 2021, they managed to sell eight (8) properties. Including this lighthouse.

Overall, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the fragmentations of our government, and how difficult it is to manage.

Edit: actually not this particular lighthouse. But the fact that there are were multiple is interesting.

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In the video, she says she lives there from May to October. The rest of the year, she lives just outside of DC.


i have had my eyes on this one. close to home, very off-grid, accessible only by boat. on the edge of the reef. and it is for sale!

it’s the Carysfort Reef Lighthouse. the Alligator Reef Lighthouse sold to a community group who have done great restoration work on it. both are popular dive sites.




Ahh, I missed that part. Still, that would be the more pleasant time on Lake Erie.


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