You could live in a lighthouse auctioned off by the US government


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Renovations are required. Hmmm… does Home Depot deliver to a lighthouse?



So, pay to make it habitable but never own the property?


You want Lighthome Depot for that.


Judging but the interior pics renovations would be A LOT OF CLEANUP OF OLD FLAKING PAINT. Probably wanna hire pros to just sandblast everything as a start.


Surely the Coast Guard never used lead paint. /s


Property rights aren’t relevant when the Zombie Apocalypse starts …


Must Love Seagulls.

A forty-something preschool teacher looks to the US government for a change of pace and a relationship, with hilarious results.


The auction site doesn’t give the exact location of the lighthouses.

Huh. Michigan’s Yuppee has a “banana belt”.

Edit: Found the location, N 45° 34’ 54", W 86° 59’ 54", but Google Maps doesn’t show anything there. Oh my!


I’d say yes, but then I may start acting like this guy…


I found the one in MD and two of the Michigan ones.


The Md lighthouse location is here.

Being right outside of the Baltimore harbor it would not be a lonely place. The Chesapeake is narrow there so paddling or rowing out and back would be an option for exercise.

“The exterior of the lighthouse has received regular attention, and is thus in fair condition. The interior, however, was open to the elements and became a residence for nesting birds.” -Lighthousefriends


Make rent checks payable to Trump Properties, LLC.


Home Depot Lite


If you’re into lead and asbestos abatement, these are the properties for you.

Step 1: Find a lead paint removal specialist. Must have boat.
Step 2: Find an asbestos removal specialist. Must have boat.

Side note: Find out how much lead paint you can accidentally dump into Chesapeake Bay before the EPA gets involved.


I wouldn’t worry. Trump and GOP cronies should be able to handle that issue.


How about utilities? Power and phone cables maybe, for the light and reporting, but that could just as easily be battery/generator and radio. I doubt they’d run water and sewer lines.


Keep in mind…must love fog horns.