Owner of civil war reenactment business sues school district that canceled field trips after his far-right social media came to light

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Ever notice how most Civil War re-enactors only want to play the losing side of the war?


Trying to understand this mess. This guy is of the opinion that he has a constitutional right to a couple millon in taxpayer dollars? Under what contact, agreement or other binding document? I would imagine CA has a plethora of “educational a/o cultural sites” that would like to make that same claim. How many millions do the various school districts have to throw around, and why is he more entitled than any of the other sites? Oh, because he is a rich white racist asshole? Well, are no other sites also run by rich, racist, white assholes? Where is the equality here? Will no one think of the poor oppressed rich white racist assholes? I started thinking of a good acronym for that sort of organization, but I think RNC beat me to it.


It will be, once he loses his suit and all appeals.


Because nothing says supremacy like being an employee in an organization that can trade you like property.


The reality is what it is, not some far-fetched hypothetical scenario.

As a person of color and a woman, I am done doing the ‘heavy lifting’ for anyone else, and I am done giving the benefit of the doubt to those who not only don’t deserve it, but who would undoubtedly never even think about affording me the same benefit, under any circumstances.

Fuck that noise.


Too logical for their consideration.


totally not racist, nothing to see here



I think California’s great Civil War battle was held at Jacksonville, Oregon where the wives of the combatants grabbed their husbands by the ear and dragged them home, thus ending the battle, but not before much (really lousy) booze had been consumed.


The only re-enactors I know are scholarly types who research the heck out of the battle, the campaign, the war and the social, legal and political environments that accompanied it. They also can tell you in great detail what it was like to die of a gut wound. I doubt that this clown would fit in with those historians.

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LeBron James”? I thought he played basketball? He’s part of the Black Supremacy conspiracy? Is that why I see people call him a GOAT? Is that some sort of title?

Also, apple picking and camping and watching a fake battle sounds like it would be hella fun for some city kids. Too bad this guy is a Class A Level 9000 douche. :confused:

That one blew my mind too!

As far as I understand the legal argument, it is that the school is a government institution and therefore must not infringe his 1st Amendment right to free speech by refusing to patronize his re-enactment farm because he makes racist statements on social media.

It makes a kind of sense, I suppose…

If you make a pamphlet, is the government compelled to buy them in bulk, just to prove that they are not in conflict with the 1st Amendment?

Of course not.


Just to clarify the detail of his dubious argument - he is alleging that the government has infringed his rights by instructing schools not to send kids to his farm.

So the argument is individual schools deciding for their own reasons not to patronise his farm is a-ok; the state telling schools that they must not do so because of stuff he has said is illegal state suppression of his freedom of speech.

Still dubious but a little more nuanced.

Also of course lovely stuff for libertarians.


Apparently I have been misreading the First Amendment for years. I had no idea it said the state was compelled to provide a captive audience for protected speech. Interesting. And by interesting I mean how the fuck is this not happening in Florida?


That may be his argument, but it’s not nuanced, and he will never make the case that some of his quotes indicate the state does not have clear and justifiable reasons to question his value as a provider of historical interpretation to groups of kids.

"…I realize this world is flawed by virtue of its children, most of whom are the spiritual children of the devil.”

“Let the teachers teach, by showing the kids how to kill a bad guy”

"When a person of color scolds you for being white, give him a taste of his own medicine and ask him how it feels? If he’s hurt by it, give him a hug. If he refuses to abide by a common standard, it might just be time to stock up on weapons.

And he will also find it hard to prove conspiracy by school boards, when this was prompted by justifiable complaints from parents.


I think that’s what he’s trying to prove. :slight_smile:


No, not really. By that logic, every owner of every venue in the state can argue that the schols “must” patronize them or risk being accused of FA violation. If he is really pulling in a couple million bucks a year, I am certain others would love to make that same argument.


I’d call that a distinction without a difference and say @tuhu’s counterpoint still applies, though. The whole thing is nuts regardless of the nuance. That’s not to say the Supreme Court won’t side with the guy.