Owner of John Lennon's tooth would like to clone the musician




So he wants to make a clone of John Lennon, without the hippy drug use, 1960s music scene upbringing, art world girlfriend, and I guess long hair?

Why? Is it supposed to be some experiment on nature vs. nurture?


Imagine no premolars, it's easy if you try.


Wow. Resurrecting John Lennon would be bigger than Jesus.


'Is it supposed to be some experiment on nature vs. nurture?'

Then put him in with a Brian Epstein clone and see happens.


After a video posted here recently, I've concluded that John Lennon did a pretty good job of cloning himself.


It's been done -- way, way back in the 1980s, secret government employees dug up famous guys and ladies. And made amusing genetic copies. Most of them didn't act that much like their models (JFK was probably the closest).


Dont forget no working class Liverpudlian upbringing too.


I think a lot of people seem confused about what cloning will give you. You can't clone a person and then have a fresh new version of that person. You get someone who looks just like that person, might have some of the same natural aptitudes, but they will have had completely different experiences. The best case scenario in cloning this tooth would be that you'd get someone who looks like John Lennon and maybe even has an easier time than many becoming good at music. But he'd have had a completely different life in a completely different world. Even if we just focused on the music aspect, a clone growing up in a post-Beatles world wouldn't be the same as the original John Lennon who came from a pre-Beatles music world and had to pioneer it the first time around.


The celebrity cloning that would give you what you want about the celebrity would be with the celebrities that are famous for their looks. That's not what made Lennon something special. The things that made him noteworthy aren't going to be coded into his DNA.


Well, that's why we create circa-1950's Liverpool city and confine him to it (kind of like The Village).. we may have to recreate Hamburg of the early 60's, as well... a little makeup should make Sir Paul look 50+ years younger.


Well, they are talking about making TV series based on the movie Truman... Perhaps, he can get a network in on the deal and have a show based on watching Lennon II grow up.


Or we can clone Lennon multiple times and have him compete in all reality shows? He could even compete against himself...


That would be perfect... A music show based on Lennon clones competing against each other.


The Village of the Lennons.


Isn't this basically how we ended up with the Monkees?


Can we add one Lenin to it and see what happens?


God, do I love that cartoon.


Human cloning is illegal, I thought? If expressing your intent to kill a famous person gets you in trouble, why shouldn't expressing your intent to clone them?


Since we're all OK with this, I don't suppose anyone would mind if I cloned an army of mildly brain-damaged Aldous Huxleys for my landscaping firm?