Owner of oldest US brewery wins the hearts of trumpkins

In some societies, Children get their own beer


A few years back, my dad called, excited to hear that Yuengling was coming to Central Ohio at last. They made a huge announcement, ran ads on TV for weeks, and Yuengling threw a parade down the middle of the city for themselves to celebrate their new market. He called back afterwards and said “so, after all that, it turns out Yuengling just tastes like Budweiser. Am I missing something?”


All these descriptions of Yuengling (a watered down stout, in lager form… etc) sort make me want to at least taste it, just to experience the snobbishness. But not if he supports Trump.


If you’re in the mid-Atlantic, give the Edgar Allen Poe beers a try if you can find them in your area. Brewed in Baltimore by Raven Beer, they have some nice choices with Poe themed titles and labels. My wife loves the Raven Lager, and I’m a fan of their Tell Tale Heart IPA.


Yes, specifically he was missing the Porter. All their other beers are unremarkable, and I have heard that they are all now produced under contract off-site - only the Porter comes from the original brewery.

The Black and Tan is half Porter, half lager, so it’s half good. :slight_smile: And super cheap!

Yes! Welcome fellow American beer aficionado! Do have a Lancaster Milk Stout!

Dick Yuengling has a reputation as a man who has always stood by his workers and their families, even when it would have been more profitable for him to sell out. He refused to buy & destroy the historic workmen’s homes in order to expand the original brewery, for example.

If you won’t buy Yuengling because you don’t like the owner’s politics, I’m cool with that because it leaves more Porter for me! :smiling_imp: It’s been a favorite since I was 14 years old, when it cost $8 a case, and came in little squatty bottles with poorly glued labels that came off in your hand.


That’s a debate left to whether or not you want your Jedi padawan to become a master at drunken-style combat.

I, for one, would love to see a Jackie Chan drunken master version of a Jedi - and the more I think about it, the more I think, “Damn! This needs to happen!”


I’m with you on the porter. It’s a perfectly reasonable beer, but very reasonably priced. In general, I don’t go around saying “ZOMG businessman xxx disagrees with me! I have to quit buying all the products of their business!”


Seconding your post in its entirety. The lager? Mostly meh, except on a really hot day when I don’t have any other beer to drink. The B&T? Yes, please, and thank you.


As somebody who is still learning as well as teaching their kid martial arts, it is something I look forward to. But at this stage having good enough stance and form to not hurt themselves takes most of the effort. There is a kind of tight-loose-tight dynamic involved, whereas loose-loose-loose is just sloppy, unless maybe one is extremely skilled in softer styles.


That seems to contradict the case made at the goodbeerhunting link above in terms of Dick Yuengling’s attempts at union busting, moving to other states, etc… Are there any particular stories or instances of what you’re talking about? Can you reconcile the info at the link with what you’re talking about? Just trying to understand the difference in views there since there’s 180 degrees of separation between them.


Well, except for when they want to unionize. Then he doesn’t exactly stand by his workers.


Eh, a little won’t hurt them. I remember drinking the last sip of my dads beer on occasion when I was little.


@wysinwyg, @nungesser, I will read the links and get back to you.

You know, duPont treated its workers much better before they unionized, if you step back far enough and don’t squint too hard. But when you zoom in closer, it becomes apparent that duPont had no unions until they stopped treating their workers right. (Speaking as a former employee.) Maybe Yuengling has changed… I’ll look.


Damn. Always liked Yuengling given its flavor/buck ratio and the fact that it was family owned and from my home state. But I think the 6 pack of Black and Tan in the fridge is the last one I’ll ever buy.

There’s a reason companies try to stay out of the political fray.


Yeah, I can also see Dick Yuengling being like “Wait, I already treat you guys great and you’re unionizing?! Eff that!” So the union busting thing isn’t definitive in terms of how I view them. But combine that with the tax evasion and flouting environmental regulations and it starts to look pretty bad.


Can’t buy it here, didn’t much like it when I could get it in Georgia. Wouldn’t buy it now, won’t miss it.

I do appreciate people who advertize their politics so clearly to help me to make an informed judgement as to where I’d like to send my money, though.


There’s also this one, which is around regularly in Chicago:


That’s good stuff. In fact, if any beer drinkers are in B’more, they’d do well to drop in at The Brewer’s Art for a few beers.


Read the article, sounds like the owner is a perfect Trump supporter and all around dick.


And as any good Delawarean knows, the glitter coming off the top of the walls surrounding DuPont family property is broken glass that they put there because it catches the sun so nicely.