'Pair of Jorts' and other awesomely-fake Halloween costumes


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Just because…


Am I the only one who finds Obvious Plant’s stunts more annoying than funny? Perhaps I’m just a curmudgeon.


I dunno, I’m pretty curmudgeonly and I think their stuff is great. I have no idea what the deal is with the “Milkshake Duck” costume, but the rest are pretty funny to me.


My main objection is that their stuff is often such that it will create confusion in retail stores where overworked and underpaid employees are already having to deal with the emotional labor of routine customer issues. Seems uncool to lay more on them when less satire-savvy customers try to buy or complain about these gag items. Worst was when they planted fake coupons entitling the bearer to things like hugs from the cashier, which is clearly a violation of personal boundaries.


So basically every person who gets internet-famous for saying something funny on local news.


I can respect those objections, yeah.

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