Pandemic cooperative tabletop game on sale today

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Nice…been looking to buy this game for a while. I think I will now.

I see that it’s only on sale in the US and shipping to Canada and elsewhere wouldn’t be worth it. So, I’ll have to find a nice friend in the states who won’t mind holding on to it until I visit.

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My wife and I are absolutely addicted to this game. Get the expansion packs: On the Brink and In the Lab. Be warned that In the Lab is near impossible to win, you may want to play 5 actions per turn until you can break even, THEN go to 4 for more challenge. But so very very fun, we haven’t gotten tired of it, we must have played it over 100 times since december. Our fave is to play with Purple disease “level 2” plus virulent strain. SO SO FUN! Even after we “win” we stick around to eradicate, so satisfying!

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Love this game!
Recently got Photosynthesis which is also on sale… fun game and looks beautiful on the table.
Anyone try Cytosis or Zombiecide?

I enjoy this with my work game group. Fits nicely in lunch break. We also enjoy Flash point which is somewhat similar (CDC are firefighting right?).

But I came here to mention it’s included in the Humble tabletop bundle of Asmodee digital games that is on right now.

Where is New Zealand on the Pandemic map? Is it safer there?

Zombicide? Yep, I have it. It is also coop & a ton of fun, but no where nearly as “tight” as Pandemic. It has a lot more rules for less effect. It is also a fair bit more luck dependent. All the different scenarios do give it a fair bit of replay value.

While I really enjoy it I would get Pandemic (or better yet Pandemic Legacy Session One as that can be played like regular Pandemic until you get “bored” and start the legacy part of the game…) in preference. Of corse if you can get them all…

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Much appreciated!

You’re welcome.

Hmmmm, as long as you are here…

If you want a coop dungeon crawl board game I’m very partial to Shows of Brimstone. It has a number of core sets (get any of them, and you can play…add any of them to another for more heroes to pick from, and more worlds to “explore”), and a number of expansions (some are whole new worlds, others are “mere” threats to add to existing womeorlds). It is a lot of fun although the reliably small number of monster behaviors does make it seem more “samey” faster then games that more aggressively vary the monster “AI”. (SoBS does have some monsters that don’t follow the default goals, some for example prefer to attack heroes with the most dark stone, some switch targets every round, and so on, but about 80% of the monsters are “pick a reachable target with the fewest of my kind of enemy on it (randomize on ties), run over and pound it silly”; different quirks on the monsters keep it interesting, but more behaviors would do more then “durable, no single attack can do more then 3 damage”, and other such features)

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