Pantone chose this 'life-affirming' shade as 2019's Color of the Year


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They sort of did. I mean that color is just coral. Which is a fairly trendy color. But its titled “living coral”. BS marketing heavy press release or not. I’m fairly certain that “living” is in there for a reason.


It’s nice that “live coral” is illustrated with a picture of dead, artificially dyed coral in a freshwater aquarium (the fish is a grotesque hybrid cichlid).


I have been under the influence all night and just came home to this. I have nothing to say except that this branded promotion is horrifying.


Dear Pantone;


They picked Trump’s skin color as “life-affirming”?


As i’ve seen pointed out elsewhere, these two news stories should be combined


An appropriate color of the times.



The year’s color: Living Coral*
*So you can remember what it used to look like, every year after this one.


I knew the color was artificial, but I thought at first that it was applied to a photo of live coral. Unfortunately, what at first glance looked like coral polyps to me, is actually gas bubbles from nasty cyano algae growing on the coral skeleton. In real life, the color is most likely a disgusting yellow/green. I’m guessing that this is the result of someone comping the marketing campaign with a lousy stock photo, and the higher ups thinking “Nailed it, why pay for a photo shoot.”



How nice. They could have called it “Granulation Tissue Pink;” it’s so very healing.



Thanks for reminding me of Crockett’s habit of not wearing socks in loafers in that sticky Miami heat. :mask:


I’m waiting until they release my favorite shade of Kwisatz Haderach. It matches the blue in my eyes.


Sure, choose a color name that no kids are going to know in a few years.


Fixed that for u.


Well, that’s my life affirmed. And to think they call me a high risk for suicide.

Though at this point, it’s really more like leaving early to avoid the rush.


Looks like we have Pantone’s “Dead Bleached Coral” for our wall color at our house.

Can we still qualify as life-affirming with all the plants I had to drag indoors now that the weather here has turned cold?


It could be cyanobacteria, but I assumed it was just outgassing of dissolved oxygen in a freshly filled tank. I’m guessing that the photographer just dumped the dyed coral and cichlid into a small tank and snapped a few pictures—rather than that someone had an established tank that ugly.

I think you are correct that they cheaped out wth a stock photo. The alternative is that they were deliberately deceptive.