Papa Sangre II: 3D audio video game with no video


One of the colleges I went to in the early 90’s had a sleep lab where you could check out various meditation and relaxation tapes, get comfy in a private room and recharge your battery mid-day. I eventually stumbled on a binaural tape that featured a male and female speaking from opposite sides of the stereo field at the same time.

The first couple times I used it I relaxed too much and fell asleep. I spoke with someone at the lab and they showed me how to add a tone over the tape’s audio. Sort of a mental safety rope to keep me conscious for the entire tape.

On my third try I found myself slowly falling down through the darkness. I was glowing. Warm. My arms and legs eventually melted into my body. I felt and saw this happen. I felt a primal connection to the universe. This far exceeded anything I have ever experienced with hallucinogens. After the session I felt amazing. Full of energy. Positive.

The next week I returned for another session and the tape was missing. Someone had taken it without checking it out. I hadn’t written down the name.The lab folks didn’t even notice it was missing until I pointed it out and they had no idea what it was titled.

All that to say this game could be really amazing and does anyone recognize the tape I described. I’d like to try it again after all these years…

No lead on the tape, but here’s Brain Wave for iOS. There are other binaural apps as well.

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Thank you! I will check it out.

There was a game out ages ago called “In The Pit”, which does something not dissimilar. The PC freeware original version seems to have disappeared in favour of the cheap xBox Live Indie games version, but it’s worth a… look?

I want to play this, but sadly won’t be able to because it seems to be iPhone exclusive. :frowning:

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