Papadopoulos allegedly told confidant in 2016 he was pursuing Russia deal that would help Trump: Report

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But collusion isn’t a crime… or something.


Mueller is giving the House Dems plenty of quality ammo against this corrupt and traitorous regime. They damned well better use it when he releases his final report.


I would love for P-dop to be the key to this whole thing. He was implicated in the dossier as well. Unfortunately, my impression is that he’s an aspirational outsider who runs his mouth constantly about things he only hopes are true.


No offense directed at you, but…

I certainly wish it would work, though.


I know, I know. Pelosi has already indicated her plan to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, as one would expect of an establishment Dem.

I’m hoping Mueller is saving up Carter “Gazprom” Page for the main course. That scumbag is tied too closely to both Putin and Il Douche for Mueller to just have forgotten about him.


I was in Moldova in 2005/2006 freezing my ass off when Putin called for the Christmas embargo. That shit’s personal for me.

Edit: Orthodox Christmas comes after New Year’s.


Also today it looks like the odious Nigel Farage might be back in the picture as a go-between for the Trump Campaign and WikiLeaks (aka. Russian intelligence):

It’s well worth reading the award-winning Carol Cadwalladr’s piece on Farage who has done a lot to uncover the Russian subversion of US and UK politics:\


Yeah Downer’s story about meeting Papadopoulos is fairly weak. I wonder if the FBI asked him to do some research on the Assange-Manfort connection.

I will personal pay for his one way ticket to Russia, as long as he can never return to the USA.

@knoxblox That shit’s personal for me.

Roger That!


Remind me to never buy/wear Wayfarer sunglasses.

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I sure hope all these new documents about Russiagate aren’t just trolls spamming the media with bullshit to discredit the actual malfeasance.

Then again, I can’t say I’ll be weeping if it backfires and Trump goes down based on fake intel. That would be some shakespeare-level irony.


The guy with the sign in the background seems to show up at a lot, at least, it looks like the same guy;


Not sure what to think of this. If the sender turns out to be Azra Turk, or at least someone claiming to be her, it’s just going to be yet another instance where both sides claim it confirms their version of events.

I like how it was published right as Papadopoulos became unavailable for interviews, though.

Highly unlikely, much like the the Assange-Manafort story itself.

It keeps him occupied for the 364 days he’s not delivering gifts to all the good girls and boys.


I guess we know who’s on the “naughty” list this year.


This sounds like one of those more smoke than fire kind of stories. No doubt that Papadopoulos was up to something, but I also think investigations like this attract their own sets of grifters and hangers-on, so it would be good to be pretty skeptical of this info until more detail emerges. It could be a red herring thrown to the now Democrat-led investigative team as well.

Willing to take a polygraph test? Oh I definitely trust you now…

Well, it’s not just establishment Dems that are skeptical on impeachment. They could probably get articles of impeachment through the House, but the Senate is another story. If they fail there it would be a major political setback, and could hand Trump a way of arguing his innocence ahead of 2020 - just ask the Gingrich-led Republicans. If they are going to do it, they need to be sure of a win.

It’s more than skepticism, it’s pre-emptively taking impeachment off the table before Mueller’s report has been released (and even as he’s getting dozens of the underlings to plead guilty, enter into deals, or throwing them in prison).

Accepting the strong prediction that GOP scumbags in the Senate would vote against impeachment if the report contained video evidence of Il Douche shooting a guy in the middle of 5th Ave, the House Dems should still impeach. Everyone understands the extreme partisanship of McConnell and his ilk, and this won’t be a President lying about a BJ.


I fully agree that the landscape could change once Mueller’s report has been released, and the article you’ve linked seems to imply that, too:

"Now. Pelosi’s arguments about impeachment deal with the here and now. Wary of handing Trump and Republicans an issue to campaign on, she has sought to downplay the idea in the context of the midterms. "

" Pelosi’s stance on not talking about impeachment right now, her allies would argue, doesn’t preclude her from embracing such a move post-election if circumstances change. In fact, Pelosi has nodded to the ongoing special counsel probe by Robert Mueller as something that needs to play out before the party even seriously engages with the idea of impeachment."

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