Paper airplane launched from cheap seats hits player


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I saw it with my own two eyes, but can’t believe it.


On the one hand, I don’t endorse fans throwing stuff on the field. On the other hand…

:open_mouth: - Gooooooaaaaaaalllllll!!!




Yes, very nice. But can they also do it eleven times, consecutively, like our glorious leader Kim Jong-un did at the age of three?






Next up in the BB Store:


What were those guys playing down there? Couldn’t possibly be soccer. The struck player didn’t immediately fall to the ground howling and holding his head.





My first thought as well. Kudos.


Slovenian player. They’re tough.

ETA No, wait. The Slovenia game was the one with the plane in the goal. Anyone know what the game is with the hit player? Stadium does look like Wembley, despite the Vauxhall signs, so the team in white would be either Tottenham or England.

ETA again: Thought to use the google. Peru, from 4 years ago.


The majesty of sport.


Twenty seconds of glory!


The only thing that would make that better is if it had that player’s name on it. That’s asking too much though.


YouTube link w/ audio:


I can’t decide if this is evidence for or against us existing in top-level reality, instead of a simulation.


Best would be if the player turns round, and that entire section of the stadium duck and hide.


and the crowd goes mild.