Parenting done right: Baby's first word is "taco"


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“Stop laughing and get me a taco, mom!”

Having been a parent to two kids who are now both over 18, it greatly amuses me when parents are happy when their child says their first word. And I get it. But it’s downhill from there.



My son was just learning to speak when I offered him a bite of my refried beans. Very nearly his first sentence was “No! No! Dog food!”


Bright child. :rofl:

But seriously: I am pretty amazed what children like to eat, up until they learn to be picky. Tacos might look weitd, but it olives, and even (mild) peppers? Dafuq, we had a kid in the family who loved raw garlic.

But all this went away. They somehow learned to despise certain foods, and not even try them. Shame, but I don’t blame them. I hated tomatoes until I was 20something, and I still hate most Brassicaceae.


I thought the whole reason we elected Trump was so this wouldn’t happen!


Imagine the kid’s disappointment when he learns that the promise of a taco truck on every corner was just a lie.


Are we sure it’s not the Japanese word, tako, for octopus? Maybe this child was sent to us to warn of the coming of the Old Ones?


Add me to the “parenting done right” list! My kid’s first word also was taco


Along with all the usual animals sounds, our child knows that a shark says.
“What does a shark say?”
“DA-dum DA-dum”

We are going for the cruelest-parents-on-the-block award


Wow that is so WEIRD!!!


Nah. That ain’t cruel. We call it warping a child in all the right ways.


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